He only drinks a few ml a day

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He only drinks a few ml a day

Postby Aggie » 19 Sep 2012, 12:03

B is drinking less and less to the point that yesterday he only drank about 50ml of fluids all day. I'm fairly certain that he's feeling well at the moment so it's not that. DH says not to worry as he's not constipated and he would be if he was dehydrated. I think I may have made things worse by offering him drinks too often and insisting he has a sip of drink before something else, eg, TV, and fear it's now become an issue. I'm trying to ensure he has extra fluids through food (extra milk in porridge, juicy fruit, etc) and I know there's nothing I can really do, baby led, etc, etc, but surely he's not well enough hydrated?!
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Re: He only drinks a few ml a day

Postby roseyposey » 19 Sep 2012, 12:43

Ah poor you I have had phases of worrying about quantities drunk.. Your little one is exactly the same age as mine - have you tried playing more with water? I find if I encourage Alex to do the washing up or play with cups in the bath he ends up drinking loads - also straws often help and putting ice and lemon in his drink like an adult can encourage him.

We also have a lot of lollies which we make by freezing cranberry juice or apple and raspberry juice.

As you say, not much you can do otherwise, just trust he knows when he needs it...
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Re: He only drinks a few ml a day

Postby Stokey » 19 Sep 2012, 17:50

Sas, almost exactly same age, has pretty much given up on milk. She'll have a little at night and with cereal but that is all. She has a bit of water and always asks for juice (heavily diluted), but doesn't even drink this much. We've been potty training, and sometimes she hardly wees at all by lunch due to so little liquid intake. But she runs around and plays and seems fine so I try not too stress. Tbh worry more about her diet of fishfingers and baked beans.
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Re: He only drinks a few ml a day

Postby gallicgirl » 23 Sep 2012, 17:52

My DD is like this sometimes so I dilute her water with a small amount of juice to give it a bit of flavour and that helps.
I also try a different cup, maybe a water bottle with sports cap or give her a straw. I don't worry unduly unless it's very hot.

The other option is to make sure your son gets lots of food with a high water content, such as grapes, melon or cucumber.
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Re: He only drinks a few ml a day

Postby peasmummy » 23 Sep 2012, 18:51

My DD also doesn't drink a huge amount, some days hardly much at all. When we've been through really dry spells with her we've bought her a new cup or drinking device (Toy Story beaker with twisty integral straw being the latest) which ignites her interest for a bit. Tbh I am not a big drinker so maybe that's just how she is; I have stopped worrying too much now she is PTd as I can see her pee is pale and there's enough of it. I just always make sure she has a cup of water near her at all times so that she can stay hydrated.
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