Picky toddler??

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Picky toddler??

Postby sabrina fair » 11 Sep 2012, 19:48

Sorry, this will have been asked thousands of times before, but I'm after some forum wisdom on the breadth, or otherwise, of monkeybaby's diet. He's 17 months. Basically, I want to know if I should be worrying!

Here's a list of things that he'll pretty much be guaranteed to eat if he's hungry:

Peanut Butter sandwiches (always sugar-free peanut butter, and about half the time home-made no-salt bread)
Baked beans (low-salt/low-sugar stuff - he won't eat my attempts at home-made)
Mini-wheats (with oat milk or goats milk)
Sweet potato
Plain goats milk yoghurt

There are other things that he'll eat if he's in the mood, but the mood could only hit every 2-3 weeks. These include:

Peas, sweetcorn, carrot
Scrambled egg
Homemade Soup (e.g. lentil and carrot)
Fish fingers
Sugar-free Flapjack

He also eats plenty of different (though veggie and dairy-free) food, including vegetables, at nursery 2 days a week. He has one BF in the evening and often a small one during the night, and drinks lots of water.

He's growing, putting on weight, is generally healthy and robust, with loads of energy. He usually eats plenty, but has days/meals where he eats very little, and that's fine. He doesn't have cows milk because it makes his eczema worse, and he's not at all interested in meat or fish, though I offer reasonably regularly.

So...what do you think? I'm not actually worried (frustrated, but not worried!), but occasionally wonder if there could be some kind of deficiency that he could be building up. I guess I'm after either some reassurance that toddlers thrive on far less, or a warning not to let him get too low on [insert food/nutrient here] - though how I'd manage to get him to eat something he doesn't want to is beyond me, fabulously stubborn little BLW-er that he is!
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Re: Picky toddler??

Postby sabrina fair » 12 Sep 2012, 20:14

Bumpity bump?
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Re: Picky toddler??

Postby CherryPop » 12 Sep 2012, 20:18

Strike the sweet potato, and the list of in-the-mood-foods, and that would have been the exact list I'd have written at the same age.

The picky phase lasted until around a month or so ago (he's 3.5 years now) when suddenly, he became interested in what was healthy and not, food groups, eating 5-a-day etc.

I wouldn't have believed it, but he sat down and ate a plate of meatballs with couscous and pesto, and carrot and cucumber on the side today. He probably ate a whole big carrot, an inch or two of cucumber and a sizeable amount of the rest. Not that amount matters, but he has been living on air for so very long that it's a huge shock here!

We do eat lots of Quorn products for the protein, both because DH is veggie so we have them in the house anyway, and because DS is not keen on most meats and won't eat any fish or egg.

I'd say don't worry, but I know that probably won't help, so I'll just say that it will pass, and it sounds like a pretty well-balanced diet, with the occasional foods and the nursery days added in ;)
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Re: Picky toddler??

Postby sabrina fair » 12 Sep 2012, 20:30

Thanks CP - that's the kind of experience I wanted to hear. Well, except the fact that I could have 2 more years of this! Never mind...at least BLW has taught me to trust my child (mostly...).
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Re: Picky toddler??

Postby sully » 12 Sep 2012, 22:19

i just wanted to share with you that my also 17 month old little lady normally has a much shorter list of things she will eat than yours! Not much help im afraid, but just wanted to let you know :-)
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Re: Picky toddler??

Postby Where'stheMistletoe » 13 Sep 2012, 12:22

We're in a very similar position - bread, pasta, most fruit, beans, rice / oak / rye etc cakes (dry only) go down well here at the moment. Sometimes potatoes. Not much else. Although we nearly fell off our chairs when he ate some beef at my mum's a couple of weeks ago. Generally ignores most veg and meat.

I think it's pretty common so trying not to be too concerned about it.

Wriggles will also eat pretty much everything at nursery which I've been told is peer pressure!
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Re: Picky toddler??

Postby sabrina fair » 13 Sep 2012, 18:55

Thanks everyone! It's nice to know I'm not alone. I guess we'll just trundle along then.

Thanks for the reassurance - I don't generally tend to worry about things, but every so often I'll get a bit concerned that I *should* be worrying, and that I'm being lax rather than relaxed!

Incidentally, I asked the girls at nursery today whether he really does eat vegetables there, and they assured me he does. Here I just get broccoli handed back with a look that says 'this is green, mummy'. Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing!
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