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PostPosted: 09 Oct 2007, 00:03
by catanz
so when have your little ones started using forks and spoons? mine is 13 months and will sometimes put a spoon into his mouth if i have put something on it that he really LOVES, otherwise it just gets shaken around (and food on the walls). and he has showed little interest/ability to scoop food into his spoon (although he sometimes picks it up and puts it onto the spoon, lol!

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2007, 00:08
by Aitch ... 65052.html

the metal ones make all the difference, and dd preferred a fork to a spoon in the beginning.

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2007, 03:48
by raylis
my LO is 9 months, and i don't know if he really knows what he's doing (i'm sure he does.. i think..) but the type of food we give babies here (sigh!) requires the spoon.. so i load it up and he takes it and shoves it into his mouth.. which is a good start only thing i gotta sit there and 'assist' him.. hmm..

but lately, he has decided that he wants to take the food OFF the spoon.. and use his fingers, which does not work.. so well, i think i wasn't much help! :p

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2007, 13:35
by catanz
thanks for the link to the other page, aitch. didn't even think to look. my friend gave us a little set of metal spoon, fork, knife and todller sized chopsticks a few weeks ago. we'll have to try them. well, perhaps not the chopsticks for a bit . . . :)

PostPosted: 10 Oct 2007, 09:12
by mummybear
T held a spoon from 9 months, but didn't do much with it until 14 months. Lots of the kiddie ones are too big to manipulate, with most foods he still likes 9 month Tomee Tippee ones or metal Mothercare ones that are chunky rather than long.

I think they still love finger feeding at 2 and veggies with ham or chicken are always consumed by hand unless there's one chunk he fancies trying to spear.

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2007, 00:11
by catanz