Is it normal for a BLW 1-year old to be so poopy?

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Is it normal for a BLW 1-year old to be so poopy?

Postby BLW-in-the-USA » 28 Aug 2012, 04:37

My son is almost 1 year, and we've been having a pretty good go with BLW since 6 months. He still drinks breast milk and formula, and eats three good meals a day. So all is well. But boy does he go through diapers.

Today was particularly bad. I think I changed him three times before breakfast and four more times afterwards. That's a lot for him, but it's not all that unusual. He has been having frequent bowl movements like this for several months now, and I frequently find food that is almost whole in his diapers, which is now making me wonder if he's not digesting anything and it's all just coming out. I am planning on calling the pediatrician tomorrow because I don't think this is normal, but I'm wondering if maybe babies doing BLW do go more?
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Re: Is it normal for a BLW 1-year old to be so poopy?

Postby WishingBone » 28 Aug 2012, 05:24

I don't think it's to do with BLW, though with BLW it's easier to identify what's in the nappy! But at age 1 that shouldn't make a difference anyway because even TW babies aren't generally on mush at that age.

I think it depends on the baby, but the gut is still immature. Bear pooed loads and loads - as you describe. It got worse after age 2, and it turns out she is intolerant to lactose and FODMAPs (google it!) and it's now under control through diet. But I'm not saying your LO has necessarily got a problem - nursery used to say her poo habits were in normal range. Worth seeing a doc if you're worried, but I don't think this sort of thing is an exact science!
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Re: Is it normal for a BLW 1-year old to be so poopy?

Postby Efficient_Edna » 28 Aug 2012, 15:48

L poos lots. Or does lots of small ones through the day rather than 1 big one per day that A used to do (still does). It's annoying having to change her so much and I have had moments where I've thought maybe she has a problem, but.overall I think its just the way she is.
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