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Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2012, 13:42
by Mummyto1
Sigh. Well, M started out as a poster child for BLW. Ate everything and anything, showing her big brother up. It was new to me to have it so easy, as L only really started eating at about 12 months.

But she's now being such a pain in the bum. She doesn't eat any fruit, except bananas if she is really really hungry and a satsuma once every few weeks. She does eat plain veg, and even eats it cold, so I take this out and about but it is a hassle having to prepare/cook it rather than just grab something from the fruit bowl.

She's also starting to turn down a whole host of stuff previously eaten - beans, pulses, cucumber - loads of easy things! She does usually eat some meat and fish. She won't touch potato.

She basically would eat bread and breastmilk and be happy.

I've started just making stuff I like as I always eat with the kids, to stop me going insane. But that does mean there are some meals where she barely eats anything. I'm trying to cut down her breastfeeding, so this isn't ideal.

What would you do? Should I stick to the old mantra of "keep offering" or should I give her more of what she likes? This would mean more pasta (which we have a fair amount of anyway) and things like egg on toast. There are a few useful things she likes, such as curry and rice, but I get bored of the same stuff all the time and I don't want to limit her diet to the same few things in case it exacerbates the problem. Sigh. I just find it so hard thinking of things I know she'll eat, and I'm tired of throwing things away and then dealing with a grumpy hungry toddler.

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2012, 18:39
by FestiveTidings
I keep offering but have something roo likes for a filling snack after - usually an hour after tea so he associate leaving his tea with getting a snack. Sometimes he surprises us and eats something we didn't expect.

Roo also has gone right off his fruit and veg but I still keep offering! Drives me mad the amount I have to throw out.... Unless its pizza, pasta, sausages or curry he doesn't want to know!

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 04 Jul 2012, 19:31
by Fozza
Keep offering what you like to eat. if she doesn't want it then she can't be that hungry. Her growth will slow down and naturally be more picky.

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 06 Jul 2012, 21:00
by Mummyto1
Thank you. You'd think I'd know this by now!

And I just saw something on another thread taken from kellymom, about what they get from breast milk in their second year - I never knew it provided so much still! So that has reassured me a bit too.

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2012, 23:09
by Violet_Cue
I like to think of BM like a multivitamin that supplements anything they are missing out of a regular diet. J is also trending to wards some things, and refusing some that he would have eaten before. He is asking for fruit (mostly by signing apple) but isn't finishing as much as he used to. I expect he has hit the top of bulking up before a growth spurt (which is due around 18 months?) as his little belly is terribly round. I expect him to shoot up in the next few weeks.

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2012, 20:13
by gallicgirl
Petit Gallic is starting to be a bit picky/lazy too.

She eats ok at nursery but hasn't eaten anything other than bread and fruit at home since Friday.

She does have a bit of a cold and it's probably about time she got some more teeth so I'm sure she'll pick up soon. Funny how they learn the word NO so quickly, though, isn't it?


Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 10 Jul 2012, 20:29
by Morlyte
Unusually picky here and major uptake on the boob milk or duce (along with sign) as he calls it. We've hit the growth spurt along with a canine and no sleep. Makes for a very short-tempered mummy. :/

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2012, 12:02
by punk_pig
Teeth plus growth spurt here too, and a stinking cold with a sore throat - which has lead to constantly wanting favourite snacks (basically Dairylea!) but spitting out anything with skin, anything remotely firm, anything resembling a "meal" really. However when this happened before with tonsilitis and teeth she went back to eating a range of stuff when she felt better so I just do combinations of one meal of favourites then the next meal of stuff she may or may not eat.

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2012, 18:34
by LemonJuice
Same here. All 4 canines pushing through and still lots of mummy milk as well. We eat lots if pasta which he won't touch. Caterpillar is very fussy and I struggle to find dinners to offer him. He loves soup and bread which is my savior.

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2012, 19:43
by Mummyto1
I think we seem to go in phases, which I now think probably are teeth related. But it's hard to remember that when it's particularly bad, and goes on for ages. It is definitely good to hear its common!

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 18 Jul 2012, 19:45
by Morlyte
Roll on 2!!! I remember things got easier after 2. :D

Re: Finding 18 months old tough!

PostPosted: 23 Jul 2012, 20:48
by gallicgirl
PG had 3 tantrums today.


2 were because I didn't give her food quickly enough and 1 because daddy took her empty yoghurt pot away.

I can't wait until she can talk.