Two evening meals, is it bad?

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

Two evening meals, is it bad?

Postby RainbowBright » 02 Jul 2012, 18:19

I think I know the answer to this before I even ask it, but I like to know other people agree with me so here goes...!

S is at the childminders all day, five days a week. He has breakfast and lunch there and a sort of tea/dinner (whatever you want to call it!) The 'tea' tends to be quite snacky- jam sandwich, spaghetti hoops, yoghurt, rice pudding, fruit, cheese straws. Sometimes he doesn't eat any of it and other days he seems to have loads. I then pick him up and he has another tea with DH and I at 6pm, followed by milk and bed. I should also mention that he is offered a slice of toast when he wakes on a morning, sometimes he eats none and sometimes the whole thing. Same with tea- sometimes he eats lots and sometimes nothing.
He is average weight and very well/healthy.
Question is, is he having too much? I'm going on the assumption that he'll eat if he's hungry, so I'm not really stressing about it. Im just slightly concerned that he's maybe learning to 'graze' and that food is pretty much available on a conveyor belt, iyswim? Not sure if that's a problem? The only option really would be for DH and I to eat after bed, but family meal time is super important to us, seen as though we don't get to see S during the day.
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Re: Two evening meals, is it bad?

Postby Toasty Crumpet » 02 Jul 2012, 18:23

Crumpet has breakfast, lunch and tea (about 3.30) at nursery plus snacks and I still give her dinner when we get home at 6. I figure if she's not hungry she won't eat. Often dinner at home is very yoghurt heavy. Then she has pre-bed BF.
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Re: Two evening meals, is it bad?

Postby Jelly Belly » 02 Jul 2012, 18:38

Our systems are better suited to regular small meals than 3 large ones so it sounds pretty good to me!
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Re: Two evening meals, is it bad?

Postby RainbowBright » 02 Jul 2012, 18:52

Thought as much, thank you!
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Re: Two evening meals, is it bad?

Postby Violet_Cue » 04 Jul 2012, 01:25

We have a grazer too... he has a "snack" before leaving cm, that is maybe about the same as a supper, then we offer again when we get home (around 7) so that he has something before bed. I figure he has 5-6 meals a day, with some larger portions than others. I only call them snacks/ lunch/ whatever based on the kind of things I offer.
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Re: Two evening meals, is it bad?

Postby love2care » 26 Aug 2012, 11:21

I dont think it is being too much,.but if you really want try to calculate his Body Mass Index (BMI) so you may be able to determine if his weight is still in the recommended weight when compared to height.
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Re: Two evening meals, is it bad?

Postby sabrina fair » 26 Aug 2012, 14:17

Nursery have a 'tea' at 3.30pm, which's surprisingly substantial - often something like beans and baked potato, followed by pudding. Monkeybaby regularly polishes that off, and then comes home telling us he's hungry and eats dinner with us too. Other days, he'll not be interested in dinner, probably because he's tired from nursery and has eaten plenty. I'm of the opinion that it's good that he's offered lots of healthy food all day, and he can choose how much to eat of it. I wouldn't be worried about Roo having two meals.

Incidentally, I'm a grazer - I eat (a mix of healthy and unhealthy) food all day and I'm a healthy weight.
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Re: Two evening meals, is it bad?

Postby va.x » 26 Aug 2012, 14:51

Just an aside, BMI not useful til adult proportions... Use red book graphs til then and anyway like others have said small freq meals are fine. V.x
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Re: Two evening meals, is it bad?

Postby pimento » 26 Aug 2012, 19:14

Eva was the same- breakfast at home (fruit), cereal at nursery, lunch at 11:30, tea at 3:30, then meal at 6pm- all pretty substantial; followed by 7oz of milk at bedtime. However, in the past month, she's dropped her 6pm to just a snack like fruit or yogurt and no more milk- dropped all on her own. So I think her appetite has levelled out and we've just followed her leads as appropriate :)
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