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Postby RainbowBright » 02 Jul 2012, 11:50

I still havent offered S any kind of leaves- lettuce, spinach, chard, watercress etc for fear of gagging as I feel these are all foods that require decent chewing skills. (he doesn't have any molars yet). However, I'm finding this limits our veg intake quite significantly over summer as this is the kind of stuff we'd often eat. An I being totally daft and worrying over nothing? Before someone tells me to just give it a go, what are your experiences of these types of foods? Can your LOs manage them and at what age did you introduce them?
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Re: Leaves

Postby shye » 02 Jul 2012, 11:59

E picks at them, Birdy doesn't. Spinach is a good starter leaf if you are nervous- its easier to break iyswim? I often don't even put them on the kids' plates but E likes to snatch a few or in his sandwiches.
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Re: Leaves

Postby peasmummy » 02 Jul 2012, 12:54

DD is deeply suspicious of any sort of leaf and hasn't touched them with a barge pole! I have been putting spinach in curries, pasta sauces etc since day 1 and if she has eaten any, there's never been a problem that I can remember.

Certainly no worse than noodles - we've had a few gaggy moments where she's swallowed one end and the other is still in her mouth, but she sorts herself out and carries on, so I imagine it would be the same for leaves.
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Re: Leaves

Postby Where'stheMistletoe » 02 Jul 2012, 13:15

I didn't even think of it being an issue so offered them from the start - he would chew on lettuce very early on - then had a couple of gags with it so stopped for a bit. That was very young though. I do offer now and tear it up if loose but it generally gets ignored. How about putting it on a sandwich then it would get bitten through when LO takes a bite of the sandwich?

Agree spinach in cooking would be good option.
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Re: Leaves

Postby TeakettleSlim » 02 Jul 2012, 13:16

We held off on giving Biscuit leaves for the same reason-- she did gag on the few we did offer before we stopped-- and now (at 2 1/2), she basically will not eat lettuce or spinach or leaves of any sort. So I rather regret not working harder to familiarize her with them earlier. The only relatively recent change has been that she will eat mint and basil leaves occasionally. This comes from my introducing her to my plants and letting her smell them and so on-- now when she is given some as garnish or whatever, she'll eat a couple. It has not transferred to lettuce or spinach yet. Maybe I need to grow some and that'll do the trick!
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Re: Leaves

Postby Louisianablue2000 » 02 Jul 2012, 13:22

Sorrel is another option if you have it in the garden, it breaks down even more than spinach when cooking. DD1 now LOVES spinach (good thing as it's rampant in the garden right now) but DD2 won't touch it. Lettuce is tolerated on the plate by both, DD1 sometimes will eat a bit with masses of mayonnaise. I just keep offering small amounts and if they eat it fine, if not don't worry, they don't need veg as much as adults do.
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Re: Leaves

Postby Mrs H » 02 Jul 2012, 13:58

My little one once ate an oak leaf whilst in the care of my mother-in-law. We know it was an oak leaf, as it came out whole again in her nappy.
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Re: Leaves

Postby DIMDongMerrily » 02 Jul 2012, 14:12

Dylan likes lettuce and cabbage but won't eat spinach or any other kind of leafy item really. Isaac will eat spinach, in things (cooked), but not raw. He won't eat lettuce but he will eat cabbage. I'd never really thought about it being an issue either so have always offered it when it's available.. neither of them ate it when they were very small though really. Dylan went off leaves altogether for around twelve months but then decided he liked them again out of the blue!

So, they've always had them if we've been eating them, neither really bothered with them apart from a couple of nibbles here and there when they were really small, but neither of them had any problems with lettuce (or other leaves) that I can recall. They both eat some kind of leaves now and are pretty much fine with whatever it is.
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Re: Leaves

Postby Jelly Belly » 02 Jul 2012, 16:03

We grew mixed salad leaves during Squirmy's first Summer so they were a frequent addition to lunch and she has always loved them. The Chooby likes her leaves cooked and adores cabbage but rarely eats salads. Never occurred to us not to offer them!
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Re: Leaves

Postby sully » 02 Jul 2012, 16:42

one of the very first foods Pumpkin had was raw baby spinach leaves from my sandwich. Yes she gagged a bit but no choking hazard and she always managed it. A surprising amount turned up the other end later that day too! She has always favoured leaves, especially raw ones, no idea why but there you go :-) never occurred to us not to offer either
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Re: Leaves

Postby Gizmo » 02 Jul 2012, 17:46

Ours are 10 months old and have been having leaves since about 8 months. Never thought about them being a gagging issue, they have watercress & spinich for most lunches, I just put a few leaves on their trays and they go for it. They love watercress the most and find it fascinating and it's eaten quite quickly. They have also had lettuce, rocket and that purply colour curly one. Cooked cabbage is also a firm favourite.
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Re: Leaves

Postby RainbowBright » 02 Jul 2012, 18:09

Some fab responses, thanks everyone. Time to stock up on spinach I think!
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