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putting cups down gently.

PostPosted: 26 Jun 2012, 07:32
by DIMDongMerrily
How on Earth did I teach Dylan to do this when he was small?! I know he was drinking from an open-topped cup (with help) from around ten months, and by thirteen or fourteen months he'd mastered the art of putting it down rather than dropping it.. but how did we get there?! Isaac gets so frustrated because he can drink really well from an open-topped cup - if it's in front of him he can pick it up and drink from it - but he can't seem to work out how not to drop it once he's finished and he gets annoyed when he gets covered in water. Is it just something that they 'get' at whatever age they get it at? Just something else I've forgotten from first time around..


Re: putting cups down gently.

PostPosted: 26 Jun 2012, 19:11
by babydsmummy
Haha, think it's a state of mind - J is older and I still post on the new to BLW board for his foody issues!! There's no chance of anyone describing him as a toddler :D

Just to say though I have been wondering the same thing - J bashes his cup to within an inch of its life then chucks it on the floor. I have been saying table and patting it encouragingly and he has now sometimes started lobbing it at the table instead of the floor :? So by our standards Isacc is doing very well!