Tinkerbelle's Mum sends her greetings from Menorca!

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

Tinkerbelle's Mum sends her greetings from Menorca!

Postby Aitch » 07 Oct 2007, 19:29

fingers crossed the quote facility works... i've copied and pasted from the main site.

Greetings from Menorca!
by Tinkerbelle's Mummy on Sun 07 Oct 2007 19:33 BST | Profile | Permanent Link
Hello all!

I´m posting this on here rather than the new board because I will lose all the unread posts I´ve missed from when I went away - feel free to copy over there for me Aitch, you need to put QUOTE=TinkerbellesMummy and /QUOTE each side lol (I don´t know where the brackets are on a Spanish KBD).

Having a great time in Menorca, Tink is loving it! She darts in and out of the sea, splashing the water and throwing her ball out for TD to go chasing off after - we won´t go into the eating sand and drinking sea!!!

Tink has learnt a new word "Oi La" (just like that) and shouts it at everyone she sees, the Spanish men go dotty over her, especially the waiters!

For some reason she has not only increased her solid intake but she is now taking upto four feeds a day! Plus, the biting has stopped, so it´s now a pleasure to feed her again. I´m really happy about it all because I was missing the day time feeds.

I´ll be back late Friday, I´ll try to post then if it´s not too late and I´m not exhausted!

See you all soon!

Tinkerbelle and Mummy

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Postby TinkerbellesMum » 12 Oct 2007, 23:11

It worked!

Tink's learned another two Spanish words (so cute!) She now says "Grass" (gracias) and "Doss" (adios) she doesn't always say them in the right order, but if you tell her to say adios or Ola she will and wave.

The weather turned for the second week and we couldn't get her back down to the beach. We could see the sea from our balcony and she'd go mad when she saw it, so we were disappointed to not be able to take her back.

We went horse riding on Wednesday, we were told there was a special saddle for the baby... it was a mattress thrown over the saddle! Fortunately Mum has ridden a lot before so she had Tink with her. Apparently whenever the horse snorted Tink said "bless you"! She entertained the guide by waving and shouting "Oi la" at him. When we first put her on the horse she wasn't impressed, but at one point Mum looked down and Tink was sitting straddle and holding onto the reigns, so we think she liked it!

Anyway, just got in, so I will go and keep checking the four pages I have!
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Postby Aitch » 12 Oct 2007, 23:30

aaw, that sounds like a grreat break. welcome home.
oi la!
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