Standing up in her chair?

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Standing up in her chair?

Postby Antje » 16 Jun 2012, 04:58

My daughter has recently taken to standing up in her high chair, and then sometimes sitting down again except backwards. She's only 13 months old, and we've tried telling her "Sit down please" and "Keep your bum in your chair" while gently pushing down on her shoulders, but she doesn't seem to understand/listen. I've also tried treating it as her indication that she's finished eating, but then she gets upset and obviously still wants to eat more, but won't sit down.

Maybe I'm too tired to be thinking clearly, but does anyone have suggestions? Should I be strict and end the meal whenever she stands up? What if she's still hungry? Is she too young to understand?
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Re: Standing up in her chair?

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 16 Jun 2012, 07:29

I took it as a sign that I should move him out of his high chair and into a booster. He fell out of the high chair before I got a chance to do it and I felt awful.

We say "sit down to eat please" which also works for him as a toddler wandering around with food in his mouth. He'll either sit on the nearest chair or listen to direction to sit on the floor. If he doesn't listen I move his plate away until he sits down, so not ending the meal but removing food until he's sitting safely.
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Re: Standing up in her chair?

Postby roseyposey » 22 Jun 2012, 19:16

Or can you get a belt to strap her in so she cant climb out?
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Re: Standing up in her chair?

Postby smoggii » 24 Jun 2012, 17:27

We had to change highchairs to one she couldn't stand up in when Welly started doing this.
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