Double standards!

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

Double standards!

Postby skip » 12 Jun 2012, 17:03

Ha! M just got home from tea at a friend's house and apparently ate 3 portions of macaroni cheese, fish fingers, peas and sweetcorn. This from the boy I had to bribe to eat 3 spoonfuls of fish pie yesterday. :mona

Thinking of signing him up for school dinners purely for the peer pressure.
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Re: Double standards!

Postby DIMDongMerrily » 12 Jun 2012, 17:06

Ooh, Dylan does this too.. if we go out somewhere to eat he'll usually eat about ten platefuls of whatever's on offer, but if I cooked the same thing at home he'd probably eat half of it and then say he'd finished! Unless it was pasta. Always room for pasta..
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Re: Double standards!

Postby Popsie » 12 Jun 2012, 17:42

Midge is the same! Aaarrghhhh!
When offered school (nursery) dinners she tries and usually eats everything. It's their fOod so she's polite. However, when I send her with a packed lunch she comes back with most of it untouched (bar the yogurt, carton of juice, a bite of fruit and a bite of sarnie/ one breadstick. I ask her what she wants but it's the same every time... Comes back hardly eaten. So now she's always school / nursery dinners (ESP when I'm working and she's there all day). She wants packed lunch but she just doesn't eat it so tough!
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Re: Double standards!

Postby sparkling » 12 Jun 2012, 18:52

Doesn't work for mine, she often eats barely anything, even of things she likes, when we're at somebody else's house for dinner. She will eat their puddings/cakes though :oops: I'm kind of interested in what she would do if she had nursery dinners but I'm not that keen as they're not cooked on site, they come down from the local primary school. And I might be paying for her to refuse it all.
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Re: Double standards!

Postby Morlyte » 12 Jun 2012, 19:00

Joe is the same, when we went camping with the neighbours he ate a second breakfast at theirs. 2 sausages, chip type things, beans and a buttered roll when we made him a cooked brekkie for his birthday he barely touched it, apparently because I didn't make the chip things lol! Earlier this week he went to their house to play and was invited for tea and he ate 2 plates of dinner and a yoghurt for pudding, before that he shared some sweets with the neighbours kid and then afterwards sat down to watch football with a bowl of crisps!

Im sure she thinks we dont feed him. ;)
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Re: Double standards!

Postby Louisianablue2000 » 12 Jun 2012, 19:04

See DD1's first few meals here: ... 629434614/
See DD2's weaning video here: ... 826217940/

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Re: Double standards!

Postby Morlyte » 12 Jun 2012, 20:03

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