She's given up eating..

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She's given up eating..

Postby gypsy_007 » 08 May 2012, 20:49

Hi all, am checking back in after a while away - didn't visit the forums too much cos blw was going so well! Have missed your expertise and support though!
Am looking for some advice/opinions..

H is now 15 months and until about a month ago was a great eater.. she'd try anything, and would astonish people with her appetite. She's a skinny mini - still only about 18.5lbs, but could polish off 3 decent meals, plus snacks each day, as well as a decent amount of milk! I figured she must just have a fast metabolism, since there's not a roll of fat on her!

Anyway, over the last month, her appetite has dwindled completely..not just becoming picky (I kind of expected that, now she's a stubborn toddler testing boundaries), but I mean quantities. Now, sometimes, she'll eat only breakfast, and then minuscule amounts for the rest of the day - a quarter of a piece of toast for lunch/a babybel for tea...maybe some raisins in between. She's happy enough, and mealtimes aren't a battle - she's just not remotely interested in food.. I figured it might be teething, but it's going on and on, and she doesn't seem to be supplementing with milk or anything.. to be fair, she doesnt seem to be losing weight - I havent had her weighed, but she looks healthy enough, and is growing upwards at least. But surely now she's walking and on the move, she'll be getting hungrier?

Can anyone help? Is this normal, or should I be worrying?
Thanks so much guys xx
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Re: She's given up eating..

Postby blackberrycrimble » 08 May 2012, 21:09

I think it is fairly normal. Welcome to toddler, able to survive and thrive on less food than keeps a sparrow alive. If she otherwise seems ok and is growing alright (but expect that to slow down dramatically too - Fluff basically didn't put on any weight from 18m to 2.5yrs), it doesn't sound like there is too much to worry about. Try to make sure what she does eat is high on vitamins etc.
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Re: She's given up eating..

Postby CPinho » 09 May 2012, 02:09

I don't know if you have a similar thing, but here in Portugal every child has his/her health bulletin with lots of info for each developmental stage and the things to be discussed in each doctor's appointment; in the 12 month appointment the doctor is supposed to talk about the "physiological anorexia of the second year of life", which is a pompous name for "your child will eat less than before from now on because he/she started to grow at a slower rate". So I guess that is what is happening. She is not eating as much because she doesn't need to anymore. And it's not just "normal", it actually appears to be the rule...

(just out of curiosity, to us the doctor said "well, usually I bring this issue up on this appointment, but this doesn't apply to you since your child doesn't eat anything anyway"). 2 months later and she is actually eating a lot better now (FINALLY!!!) so I hope this doesn't affect her eventually... I love to see her finally devouring food after 8 months of BLW...
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Re: She's given up eating..

Postby Disco » 15 May 2012, 07:55

It happened here too, definitely don't worry! At 2.75 it still comes and goes, but its definitely better than it was.
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