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Food neophobia in 2.5 year old

PostPosted: 05 May 2012, 18:28
by Joandruby
I have a 2 and a half year old who I did BLW with successfully but has for some time now been objecting to trying new foods. I must admit that I have probably not helped the situation by giving her tried and tested meals which I know she will eat and enjoys and have always consoled myself in the fact that she has a very balanced and healthy diet.

She will eat all starches (pasta, potatoes, rice, bread) most green veg, pulses of all varieties, red meat (mince only) chicken (breadcrumbed only) salmon and cod, a few fruits and dairy of course.

My problem is when I give her one of the things she says she doesn't like or a new food she literally freaks out as if it's a poisonous slug on her plate. I have been observing her and it is quite definitely not fussiness but seems to be a phobia when you see the degree to which she opposes trying the food in question.

There are foods that I know she has eaten a long while ago and she says she doesn't like such as carrots and avocado, I can accept this but how do I begin to get her eating new things? And more importantly when do I stop making excuses for her when we are at other peoples houses and start telling her to 'eat up!' (something that I've always considered to be the wrong thing to do).

I've tried a star chart to get her to touch/cut/lick the food to see if we could progress from there but she still doesn't want to lick or eat it. I also cook a lot with her but she still have the same opinion. Going to try growing some veg when the weather picks up ....

Any one else have this problem? Will she grow out of it by herself or is it best to tackle it now? Or best to ignore completely?

Re: Food neophobia in 2.5 year old

PostPosted: 09 May 2012, 12:19
by Aggie
Not sure that I have much advice I'm afraid. When she's cooking with you, is she happy to touch the new food then, when there is no pressure on her to eat it?

Re: Food neophobia in 2.5 year old

PostPosted: 09 May 2012, 12:44
by AwayinaChive
Sounds like my 2 year old. If she's on my lap or even just at the table and I'm eating certain things (nothing in particular, most things really!) she actually wimpers and acts freaked out and tells me to go eat on the floor and says, 'I don't like that on the table Mummy!' in a wimpery scared voice. Kids are just weirdos! I just ignore and figure she'll grow out of it cause babies and kids seem to grow out of everything.

Oh and she's incredibly picky and will only eat a certain selection of foods, ie only plain pasta, nothing mixed or with sauce, she was a great blwer at first but around one got super weird and fussy. Whatever.

Re: Food neophobia in 2.5 year old

PostPosted: 13 May 2012, 18:29
by BigFlower
Sounds like my 2 year old as well.

Also a fan of completely plain pasta and a hater of pizza.

We're keeping calm and carrying on! Every now and then she will stun us by eating something new (tuna steak fairly recently, and anchovies on another occasion) and these occasions help us to keep the faith!

Re: Food neophobia in 2.5 year old

PostPosted: 17 May 2012, 20:07
by Joandruby
Since posting we have made a few changes which seem to be helping a bit ... We are now all eating our evening meal together at 5pm rather than myself and hubby eating later. This usually causes a bit of a strop as we cook things that are more adult than the things I know she will eat and that I usually do. But I'm trying to keep saying, she can just remove the things on the plate that she doesn't want and eat what she does want but if she eats something new she will get a sticker on the reward chart - no pressure though! It's hard but she seems to be slightly better. Also my 6 month has now started eating and it's actually helping my 2 yr old a bit I think as she watches him get into food whatever it is! He loves his grub!

I suppose it just comes with the territory at this age ... Just assumed it was just me so thanks for ur feedback!

Ps. Kids are weird ... Pizza is always a no no even if she makes it! :D

Re: Food neophobia in 2.5 year old

PostPosted: 20 May 2012, 17:12
by AwayinaChive
It's been confirmed, most foods actually gross my daughter out (dd2). I had an empty jar of lemon curd on the table when we were eating breakfast (it's super good on pancakes!) and she asked me to move it off the table. I laughed and said no way. Then a few seconds later she started to gag on the food she was chewing. She has never ever gagged. I know it was the lemon curd jar. I've been suspecting she's not just being annoying, but is actually truly grossed out by many foods. What the heck!? I'm convinced she'll outgrow it because what else can I do? Weird.

Re: Food neophobia in 2.5 year old

PostPosted: 27 May 2012, 19:35
by Joandruby
Do you ever try any eating tricks like....

'quick eat up your pasta because the daddy giant is coming and that's his favourite food' (cue daddy pretending to be a giant)

Drawing faces on grapes and making them talk and say 'I want to be in your tummy!'

'This is special Winnie the pooh honey which he personally brought here this morning. If you eat it up he will have to come back and bring some more but if you don't he won't '

I have tried all this and really hate doing it as it doesn't seem true to what eating is about and certainly not how we intended to be ... It works to a degree. Sometimes it's just to get the first mouthful in then she seems to realise she's hungry and eat herself. And sometimes it helps take the attention off what she's eating - if she examines it too much then it's over! Books help a lot. Just so wish it wasn't like that. I guess it's just a phase!!