Do they go out and then up?

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Do they go out and then up?

Postby Flossie » 05 May 2012, 11:21

F has just turned three and she suddenly looks really chubby. Both DH and I were chubby children and I'm a chubby adult, I guess! F has always been on 98th percentile for weight but has looked lean but solid. I've got a newborn so my perception of size might be all wrong at the moment but F just seems gross (as in weighty) at the moment. Surely the birthday and big sister treats can't have increased her weight that much. Do you think she's going to go upwards soon?
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Re: Do they go out and then up?

Postby ches » 05 May 2012, 11:32

Yes, I'm sure she will. J still had a big tum at 3 - it disappeared before he turned 4 and now he is incredibly lean (and strong!) and still 97th percentile for weight.
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Re: Do they go out and then up?

Postby AB&M » 05 May 2012, 21:07

Nephew pre puberty went round then grew. Bruno does this too. One day he's chubby the next he's all ribs & legs.
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Re: Do they go out and then up?

Postby bimbambalooms » 05 May 2012, 22:27

C has always gone round then lean, then round then lean. He's now coming up to 5 and is lean, not an ounce of fat on him! I do think having a newborn makes you see your elder children differently. C just seemed so huge and grown-up compared to the little bundle in my arms, I'd imagine it is partly a growth spurt being due and your perception too.
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Re: Do they go out and then up?

Postby biccytoria » 06 May 2012, 06:31

This is A still. I get advance notice when I might need to buy new clothes as I can see his face chubbing up!
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Re: Do they go out and then up?

Postby ceeLIN » 06 May 2012, 19:32

Yes, i would agree with all^^
I can't say that DD looks particularly big/chubby but her clothes fairly suddenly get very tight especially around her chest/tummy and it's a fight to get her tops on. Then almost the next day she looks like she's grown about three inches!
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