semi skimmed

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semi skimmed

Postby roseyposey » 17 Apr 2012, 18:47

Just wondering when / if people move from blue milk to green milk?

DH and I drink green, DS (2.5 yrs) has blue milk and DD (9 mo) has formula - when can I move DS onto green?
When he switched to cows milk at 1 year HV said under no circumstances should I give him green milk (cant remember why now but she gave me some horror story about it) so I have diligently always given blue milk. Hes pretty lean and probably needs blue milk for drinking but just wondered when others have switched?

If we run out of blue can I now give him green as fall back? (up till now, if we run out I give him Sophias formula!!) I think I'm going a bit OTT with it all! :?

Advice please!!!
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Re: semi skimmed

Postby RachelS » 17 Apr 2012, 18:54

I assume by green and blue you mean semi skimmed and full fat respectively? ( only ours are red and silver stripes for semi and silver for full fat)
I believe after 2 a child can have semi skimmed if it is more convenient for the family. It has a lesser amount of vitamin A but similar amounts of protein and calcium. However totally skimmed should not be given to under 5s.
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Re: semi skimmed

Postby madcatmummy » 17 Apr 2012, 19:02

AD gets green and has done for about 3-4 months. She just decided she wanted green and as she was over 2 I thought it would be fine. She drinks very little milk anyway, I have to try and cram her milk in in other ways - yogurt, custard, cheese etc!
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Re: semi skimmed

Postby Mrs H » 18 Apr 2012, 13:05

I've always been of the opinion that when the milk has turned green it's time to chuck it out! :wink:
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Re: semi skimmed

Postby Kanga » 18 Apr 2012, 14:13

Dd has very rarely had full fat milk. Mainly because once she stopped bf she just drank water and when she decided she wanted to have cows milk as a drink she was that bit older and I just gave her semi skimmed as that is what we have a home.

I do also have a vague thought in my head that over 2 is meant to be ok though which others have said too.
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