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When do they stop gagging?

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2012, 18:09
by ladyphlogiston
My daughter is...27 months? A little over two. Whatever. She's been eating solids since she was six months old. And she is still gagging and throwing up about once a week, either because I let her have something a little tricky (like popcorn or asparagus) or, apparently, because she's not paying attention.

It's not worrying from a nutritional perspective - it's annoying that she empties her stomach, but then she finishes her meal just fine afterwards - but it seems kinda late to still be happening and I'm starting to wonder if there could be something else going on. Sensory issues run in my family, so maybe that's a possibility. Or maybe some kids just take longer than others, which is why I'm asking.

Re: When do they stop gagging?

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2012, 19:27
by Eleanor
Excellent username :D

My youngest is going on for two and still gags sometimes, but not to the point of throwing up. The elder one had stopped gagging well before she turned one.

I think if it was me I would probably be asking for advice from a medical/developmental-type person at this stage, if only just for information - but if it doesn't seem to make her uncomfortable, then it's probably nothing to be too concerned about.

Re: When do they stop gagging?

PostPosted: 18 Apr 2012, 00:20
by ladyphlogiston
thanks! I like it :)

That's about what I was thinking. I think she's got another checkup in a couple of months, so I'll bring it up then. It's probably not so urgent that I need to call now. I might start looking for a good occupational therapist, though

Re: When do they stop gagging?

PostPosted: 18 Apr 2012, 19:18
by ladyphlogiston
...and it happened again this morning. how do you gag on fairly soggy breakfast cereal? I think I was just cranky because it meant I had to clean it up while still half asleep. poor little girly

Re: When do they stop gagging?

PostPosted: 30 May 2012, 08:34
by HypnoNu
My son is 3 in August and still gags and throws up occassionally, he just still shovels too much into his mouth and then can't chew! His little sister is 9 months, hardly ever gags and never throws up and is really careful about how much she puts in her mouth! It's just different children I guess, mine both had reflux which is what I put my sons gagging down to, I just find reminding him regularly about taking small bites and chewing properly helps...good luck!