Any other grazers??

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Any other grazers??

Postby Sophie2011 » 16 Apr 2012, 00:46

Miss I has just turned 1 and I have realised that she really needs to graze during the day. She's self weaned and only doing a 4am and 6pm feed (if I'm free and shes whingy will give a lunch time feed too). Only about 3 months ago she was doing 4 feeds a day plus night feeds.

She doesn't eat huge amounts at each proper meal - brekkie, lunch, dinner and I think this is why giving only 1 snack in morning and arvo just wasn't enough. She has gone quickly from morning milk, brekkie, solids at 10am followed by milk at 11, lunch at 12:30, milk at 1:30, arvo tea at 3, milk at 4, dinner at 5, milk at 6 to just solids. Last weigh she had dropped a little in the centile chart.

So now its hard because she won't sit still very long in her highchair, but I think I've got around it by giving her a cruskit, piece of fruit etc and we play outside, so she can crawl and eat. This is probably not all that safe, but I'm there with her and its surprising how much she'll eat. I sit her in chair to eat anything too messy or has spreads and for main meals.

It just feels like I'm giving her food all day and hope I'm not just rewarding whingy behaviour by giving her a snack. At least its healthy snacks and I'm guessing she wouldn't eat them if she wasn't hungry?? And I'm a bit of a grazer too, don't like feeling really full so would rather just eat snacks like fruit, nuts, crackers with tuna etc all day.

My friends baby is one who will sit and eat 3 meals a day (no snacks) but they are huge meals. Sometimes I think that would be easier :wink:
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Re: Any other grazers??

Postby louisemumof2 » 16 Apr 2012, 07:53

I am just realising the same with my 10 and a half month old he never really eats a big quantity but if i give him little and often he will eat more in a day than just 3 meals worth if you know what i mean.
He very rarely finishes a meal but i've come to notice if i offer him snacks he will eat thoose.

He is bf to and still feeds on demand and each day is different we don't have set time for things and eat when were hungary sleep when tierd that is our routine. It works for us as i'm not returning to work full time this time and he also won't sit in his high chair very long. Some days he refuses to go in it at all and prefers to sit on my knee at the table, this BLW is messy buisness but seeing that he has fed himself a healthy meal is all the reward I need. I spend more time cleaning at the end than he spends eating it!!!
(he has humous yesterday i just ran the bath after and had to mop the floor.)

I think she is perectly on target and you should try not to worry about it, they all go down on thier charts when they become more active and cut out thier bm feeds but she hasn't lost weight just slowed down, she will speed up again soon enough.
Isn't little and often how we are all suposed to eat rather than big meals?
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