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catering for toddler and baby

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2012, 09:16
by roseyposey
Just in a bit of a pickle - ds is 2.5 and dd is 9 months. Ds used to eat everything, now, like lots of toddlers, hes a bit more picky and lives mostly on pasta, sausages, fishfingers, beans, cous cous and that kind of thing. He'll eat fruit and veg but is even being a bit more picky about that now.. I'm not worried about him but what I do wonder about is how to cook a meal for them both which gives dd a chance to get a wider variety of food without having to cook her a separate meal.

I sometimes give her leftovers of what dh and I are having but it still means heating up another separate dish and getting your head round two different meals. Sounds a bit lazy doesn't it but just wondered what others do in this situ.?
Maybe it doesn't matter - or maybe I should just make more effort? I've noticed shes even becoming more picky already, she used to eat stews and things that I made for dh and I but now she turns her nose up!

Re: catering for toddler and baby

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2012, 09:47
by Rosie_t_Riveter
Will DS be more likely to eat if he's helped to cook something? TheWriggler sometimes eats more if things are served in bowls on the table rather than on his plate. Or can you serve something he will eat alongside something he might not? Maybe some peer pressure from little sister will encourage him?

Re: catering for toddler and baby

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2012, 09:59
by Fozza
I refuse to cook twice. I cook one meal and let them pick at it or devour it. I tend to alternate 'new things' with 'old favorites'. I am pretty sure they can go a day with out eating any dinner so if they don't want it so be it (I do ask them to at least try it). We can only offer the food and I feel good knowing I have offered a variety over a week or so (and I get a variety too). One day they will eat it because its on their plate and its not completely strange.