Calorific foods

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Calorific foods

Postby FestiveTidings » 04 Apr 2012, 19:30

After a nasty tummy bug Roo has lost a lot of weight. Instead of being tall and lean, he is now skinny (i can feel his spine and ribs). I know he will put the weight back on, but does anyone have any recipes/foods that are especially calorific just to give him a chance to gain some back?

I really feel that he's lost a lot of weight and he was never chubby to begin with so could do with some help
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Re: Calorific foods

Postby luverlylisa » 04 Apr 2012, 19:40

maybe some stodgy comfort type foods, risotto or cauliflower cheese - but add pasta shapes and other veg/ potato
sandwiches, muffins, pasta bolognaise, homemade pizza - im sure he will put it back on soon enough, little O always looks thin in the face after illness or teething, but only for a week or so then back to chubby chops x
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Re: Calorific foods

Postby EmsieJ » 04 Apr 2012, 21:10

Avocado, cheese, lamb, chicken leg meat, buttery sauces like cheese sauce, parsley sauce, coconut cream, houmous with loads of olive oil and tahini in, peanut butter, dried fruit, pancakes. Hope he chubs up soon x
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Re: Calorific foods

Postby MummaQ » 04 Apr 2012, 21:16


Avocado very high in calories and good fats...

You can get Complan for kiddies I think... The milkshake you take when you're poorly to bump up our vitamins and minerals, fats, proteins and carbs etc... I remember being put on that sort of thing when I lost a lot of weight as a child, had to have them in addition to meals to get me back up to weight.

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Re: Calorific foods

Postby Sienasmum » 12 Apr 2012, 04:59

yoghurt and custards!
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