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Toddler-led BLW....

PostPosted: 22 Mar 2012, 16:24
by gingerbreadhouse
....or a not so PMM!

A was eating a biscuit in the (double, side by side) pushchair yesterday while we were shopping. In my defence a friend had given her the biscuit, although I can't be the only one on here who swore their child would never eat a) in the pushchair whilst going round the shops and b) eat sugary biscuits (it was not just a biscuit, it was an M&S biscuit :wink: ). Anyway, the children were quiet while I was going round Lakeland....and when I checked she had given the boy half of her buttery-bunny biscuit. I did take it off him, but was also slightly proud of her generosity and willingness to share :oops: :D

Re: Toddler-led BLW....

PostPosted: 22 Mar 2012, 16:28
by gingerbreadhouse
Should have added that it's amazing how slack you get third time round, I'd have been livid if anyone had given M a biscuit at 7 months :oops: