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Postby busmother » 27 Feb 2012, 13:41

The concept of 'more' is well and truly established. Well, kind of. Sometimes it does seem to mean more of the same, when they've finished a bowl of porridge, I stick more in and they happily eat it. But sometimes they've barely had a spoonful before they're asking for more. And sometimes more of the same is not satisfactory, they actually want something different, or more of just one element. However I think that's just something that will resolve itself as their language improves.
My dilemma is whether I should just always give them more of whatever they ask for - BLW and all that. But they've got into a real cow's milk obsession at the moment and would drink multiple cup-fulls of the stuff at each meal. Part of me thinks, I happily give them three bowls-full of porridge if they ask for it and it's just the same stuff only without the porridge. But somehow I don't feel happy about it. I sort of feel they need to understand that sometimes they can't have unlimited quantities of something, that they can have a bit now, and then more later. But I don't know how much of it is me wanting to control what they have (porridge is 'good for them', blueberries are expensive so they can't eat a whole punnet in one go, even though it just means they won't have some later) and whether it's misguided, this idea that they shouldn't always have everything they want. Sorry, this isn't very coherent, but what do you do?
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Re: More!

Postby elmbed » 27 Feb 2012, 13:52

Risky often asks for 'more' when she still has loads left on her plate - and often asks for more of what she is already eating. we usually ask her to eat what she has first, which sometimes works, but sometimes results in a melt down. Dh has been known to take her plate away to the side, pretend to add more and hand it back, which does seem to work :oops:

I do regulate how much she has of some foods - as you say, blueberries are expensive! I'll tell her 'no more now' or 'none left at the moment' and maybe offer something else instead - an apple for example. And I *definitely* regulate how many biscuits etc. she gets - I don't think she has a natural limit on how many of these she will eat (I know I don't). Generally, if she's asking for more I'll offer alternatives. I figure if she's really still hungry one of these alternatives will take her fancy, and if she's not hungry she'll refuse everything. Hope that helps?
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Re: More!

Postby MumtoMonsters » 27 Feb 2012, 13:54

I change my rules according to my mood! :oops:

I'll often chop up two or three pears/nectarines/whatever at a time for the monsters and they will almost always demand more afterwards. My mood/the time available/how many 'more' we've got/what else needs to be eaten up first/anything else that happens to occur that day/etc. determines my response. But yes, generally, if they ask for more I will give it (assuming it's not more chocolate, sweets, cake, etc., but then they usually know better than to ask for more of those!).

Cupfuls of milk, not sure. It's not really been much of any issue here, but when K has gone through milk phases I would generally allow her to have several cups as a snack, rather than at a meal. Not overly sure why though, I probably just think milk is more filling than water and I'd rather she ate her dinner than just drank milk.

Well, there's a rambling response if ever you wanted one! :oops:
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Re: More!

Postby ceeLIN » 27 Feb 2012, 14:07

DD only has milk to drink at breakfast and before bed so i don't restrict how much she has then as i don't feel that it interferes with her 'food' eating IYSWIM?. It varies, sometimes she'll just have half a cup, other times 3 or 4 cupfuls so i just go with it and accept that she knows better than me how much she wants.

I'm totally with you on the blueberries situation though, especially when she was still in nappies lol! Sometimes though i think that she's asking for more of the same thing because she doesn't know/can't think of any other options, but is still hungry/wanting to eat.

Like MtM if i think she has had quite a lot of one particular food that day i will suggest other options, but also like MtM whether i give her what she wants in the end can also depend on my mood!
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Re: More!

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 27 Feb 2012, 16:01

MumtoMonsters wrote:I change my rules according to my mood! :oops:


I tend to say "more of x or more of y?" so "more porridge or more banana" (when actually he hasn't yet had any banana) to give him a choice. I do restrict blueberries because of the nappy situation, and will say there is no more but he can have x or y fruit instead. He has been known to have five bowls of cereal in the mornings, and I know on nursery days he has second breakfast so I try not to worry if he has loads. If it's heading towards lunchtime and he's asking for more cereal I will direct him towards more "lunchy" foods.

(She says as he's running between the living room and the dining room, pinching a plum, and then running back. We had a whole new punnet yesterday and now there are three left... <sigh>)
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