Barbarians with an imagination?

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

Barbarians with an imagination?

Postby skmille » 21 Feb 2012, 00:26

Anyone else's toddler in an imagination explosion phase?
This morning his grapes were zoo animals and dinosaurs.
Tonight at dinner he squished his rice between his fingers and the pretended that his pieces of fish were parts of a fire truck (before smashing the setup again).
I want to encourage the imagination, but not so much the smashing food. Advice or thoughts?
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Re: Barbarians with an imagination?

Postby 3KiwiChicks » 21 Feb 2012, 00:55

Hahaha! Oh yes! My two are just the same and its a constant battle to find the line between letting them have their fun and not destroying the place in the process! If you find a solution let me know. :)
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