Friend's LO won't eat!

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Friend's LO won't eat!

Postby Mumintraining » 17 Feb 2012, 22:07

My good friend's 2.5 year old has decided he'll only eat a very limited array of foods, mainly chocolate stars and custard!
She didn't do BLW but is trying her best not to make mealtimes stressful, to offer him healthy choices, to gently encourage him to try new things.
I can tell it's worrying her though. He also has developmental delays linked to minor brain damage which mean he can't walk or talk yet. He's quite slight too.
I said it might be him asserting control over the one part of his life that he can.
He also has a new baby brother, though the extreme pickiness started before his arrival.
What can she do? She's been through the mill lately with DS1 being tested for all sorts of genetic conditions and DS2 arriving premie via C-section.
Any ideas?
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Re: Friend's LO won't eat!

Postby bimbambalooms » 17 Feb 2012, 23:09

My LO lived on air from the age of 2 - 3. It is very worrying and the temptation to make them sit at the table until they've eaten everything on their plate is huge. Your friend has my sympathy. It is not easy but adding a new baby into the mix will be making doubly hard.

Has she tried involving him in the cooking process? Sharing time with him and involving him the food.
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