pikelets and peanut butter

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pikelets and peanut butter

Postby pimento » 10 Feb 2012, 19:54

Going to try out pikelets/drop scones with Eva tomorrow as she is getting bored with breakfast. What do you serve with them? Fruit? Jam? Cream?

And about peanut butter, I've read that it's usually the 2nd dose of it which gives a bigger reaction if there's an allergy involved. How long do you wait before giving the 2nd dose? Is it a '5-day rule' sort of thing with this?
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Re: pikelets and peanut butter

Postby blossom » 10 Feb 2012, 22:06

Re pikelets, I just often give them plain. Sometimes I make them using grated apple and cinnamon so no need for anything else. I only use jam and cream if we have guests.
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Re: pikelets and peanut butter

Postby FestiveTidings » 20 Feb 2012, 11:50

Toasted with butter (or jam)!!

Sorry no idea about the peanut butter. I would guess that 5 days would be a sensible time?
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Re: pikelets and peanut butter

Postby camper » 20 Feb 2012, 12:11

MJ loves them with honey, cream cheese and slices of banana. I make them sugar free but add cinnamon and sometimes dried fruit to them.
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Re: pikelets and peanut butter

Postby Spanner » 20 Feb 2012, 14:56

Little drizzle of golden syrup here! Or for savoury drop scones I add grated cheese and chopped defrosted spinach to the mix before cooking. They don't need anything on top.
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Re: pikelets and peanut butter

Postby Louisianablue2000 » 20 Feb 2012, 19:20

It takes a few weeks for a long term immune response to develop (I'm thinking in terms of development of a protective immune response to disease), I doubt you'd get a big response after five days. Of course you're not actually trying to induce an immune response so regular exposure over a period of time is required.
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