At a year old, we're heading towards some spoon-feeding

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

Re: At a year old, we're heading towards some spoon-feeding

Postby Nix » 08 Jan 2012, 16:46

Some days Harvey will eat nothing still at nearly three. He's not malnourished. He might have milk and no food or he might eat one quarter of a piece of toast, two chips, 5 grapes and no milk. In the whole day. I try to trust him. It's hard though.

Both my boys grew lots of hair between 12-18 months!
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Re: At a year old, we're heading towards some spoon-feeding

Postby skip » 08 Jan 2012, 16:56

Also don't disregard rogue ninja teething episodes (where you don't even know it but teeth are moving around and causing appetite loss), developmental spurts (loss in appetite/bad sleep, followed by HUGE appetite) and developing 'pickiness' (refusing something they'd previously consume by the gallon). It's ALL a phase and you just have to go with the flow..
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Re: At a year old, we're heading towards some spoon-feeding

Postby OnlyAGinger » 08 Jan 2012, 17:55

thanks so much, girls, the whole trust factor is truly really tricky.

i have to spend some time w/ Lovebug, but i have to say right quick that i just changed a diaper & it looked like he grew an inch on the changing table since his visit on thursday. (is that even possible?!)
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Re: At a year old, we're heading towards some spoon-feeding

Postby ches » 08 Jan 2012, 18:06

rubylou in TN there is a state law that children MUST be offered milk with breakfast and lunch. J wouldn't drink EBM or whole milk, so I made them offer him whole milk AND water.
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Re: At a year old, we're heading towards some spoon-feeding

Postby Seriously_Nutty » 08 Jan 2012, 18:53

I have thought and thought and thought about this thread and your post rubylou but just couldn't figure out what on earth to say that could vaguely help you.

I am the polar opposite parent to you. I never/rarely weigh my children. I have no idea how much they eat or drink but I can simply *see* they're fine and don't worry a jot about it. Your life and worry just sounds so exhausting and stressful.

All that I could thing of today is:
What would make you happy? When would you stop worrying?
I don't understand charts at all really but if he was born on the 50th percentile line for example, would you be happy if he just stayed there and followed the line? It's my understanding babies often deviate from their birth weight for numerous reasons from inflated birthweight due to IV's/fluids to genetics. Would you worry if he was at the 99th percentile?

I suppose what I'm asking is what are you looking for? Do you simply want lovebug to gain weight faster in accordance with a chart? And why? If the pead thinks he's fine, we all think his stats sound perfectly 'normal', why don't you? And what would help you feel more confident to see all the growth he has made rather than focusing on the line you want him to follow? Because ff is now so mainstream I think we have become used to seeing quite chubby babies with rolls of fat as normal. It's not normal. Some babies are chubby, others are not, that is normal.

My lo was 4lbs13 at birth, small and prem. Luckily he gained weight pretty well but he doesn't have rolls on his legs and only has a baby pot tummy when sitting. I think he's done amazingly considering his start, and I think he's a good size. Lovebug was 8lbs at birth, he had a much better start than my lo, he has gained steadily and sounds perfectly healthy.

Try not to worry, and try to question what it is you're looking for and what would make you happy.
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Re: At a year old, we're heading towards some spoon-feeding

Postby OnlyAGinger » 09 Jan 2012, 02:36

thanks again, girls. my on-going fear has been that he has been undernourished. perhaps that is why BFing & I don't mix all that well. i love it, don't get me wrong, but personality-wise, perhaps not a fit. formula seems so straightforward, and i have chosen to 'trust' that my son will have his needs met w/ this invisible experience. BUT, it becomes completely visible when he goes to daycare & I have to pump (and i worked my tail-end off these past couple of months to get out a certain quantity of milk for him) and then, he refuses, so that starts the worry cycle, especially b/c we chose BLW, so, he's not drinking milk, and he's only getting in a little bit of food depending on his skill level b/c i've asked the girls at daycare not to feed him. (plus, when i heard of other mothers who are sending in their milk plus supplementing the bottles w/ formula, or sneaking in a lunchtime meal b/c her child was close by, I kept thinking that he was not getting enough).

however, at 1 year, my milk has become less important. and, he has gone through a tremendous growth spurt, even since i've written the start of this thread. is it common for the growth spurts to appear just about overnight? one day he feels a certain weight/size, then the next, he feels much bigger. i put him on my chest for a cuddle, and rub his back, and the distance b/t my hand and my heart feels even bigger.

i am happy to see him grow. and develop. and, amazingly, decide that he wants all of these healthy foods that i cannot imagine spoon-fed babies even touching for quite some time (but perhaps that's my bias). tonight, he decided he wanted a few stalks of raw broccoli as a pre-dinner snack. i am amazed about that.

thanks all, again. :oops:

i will have them offer both milk & water @ daycare for all of his meals. I think it has become a power struggle at daycare wrt to getting him to drink milk. i walked in during snack one day, and she went to offer him BM in a cup, but completely held it for him, when he's fully capable of it himself. even if it's offered in the straw cups, that would be fine, since it would not be a power struggle.
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Re: At a year old, we're heading towards some spoon-feeding

Postby Fozza » 09 Jan 2012, 05:11

I think at a year milk during the day isnt necessary. Mine have been offered at snack time in preschool but always refused. You can only offer it. If you can feed him before and after work that will be enough. I'm sorry ebm has made you more stressed I would go with cows milk at this point as he's not that interested.

growth spurts can happen quickly and I often think one week they are looking a bit slim and the next they have chunked up a bit. Then they slim again while they grow in height. I think smiles and being settled enough to play and to sleep well tell us more than how much they've eaten or what line of the chart they are on.
rubylou you are doing a great job x
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