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Now you want to be spoon-fed?!

PostPosted: 29 Sep 2007, 20:06
by Mij
At 15 months, IzzyMouse is charging around like an unfocused scud and is paying precious little attention to any food at any time, unless it's risotto, and even that's getting short shrift these days. Being a Bad Hippy Mother (obviously) I've taken the view that she's still too young to be expected to sit still for as long as we do at the table if she's lost interest, and don't want to start battling to keep her there just to prove a point to disapproving onlookers.

So, I've hit on a plan that goes something like: if she asks to get down, she can. If she wants more food, she'll ask and she can sit on my lap to have it, thus, is still officially 'at the table'. So far so good.

However, she's taken to doing fly-pasts with her mouth open - she's busy, she wants more food but if I show her the fork or spoon to confirm that's what she's after, she just opens her mouth baby-bird like. So now I'm stuck. If I'm truly baby-led, do I just shovel it in as she passes? I'm told that grazing is a toddler phase that passes, so I suppose I shouldn't worry about the 'she'll never learn to sit and eat with you, ever ever' prophets of doom wailing outside, but still...

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2007, 15:10
by babybanana
BB has done this a few times, normally lunch. She sits and scoffs cereal at breakfast (with her own spoon) and concentrates well for dinner. But lunch she is always far too busy!

She has started climbing up to the table now (sometimes on the table) So I have resorted to giving her sandwiches etc for lunch at the table (rather than highchair) and she eats some... gets down and pokes her doll in the eye a few times, circles the living room with her clicky, push along croc then climbs back up to the table for round 2.

I don't really do cooked meals for lunch so don't have the fork issue although now BB is 16 months if she opens her mouth like a baby owl then I think she knows what she wants (normal if I'm trying to sneak some apple crumble) so I don't mind popping the odd bit in!

PostPosted: 30 Sep 2007, 15:43
by Aitch
yep, lunch is a stand-up affair in our house as well, a lot of the time. dd loves to be spoon-fed by her father if they're sharing a dessert in a restaurant, which we find pretty amusing.

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2007, 21:44
by Mij
Hmmm. I just remember in the dim and distance past reading a thing on that offering food beyond the point at which a babe 'wants down' constitutes overfeeding - but maybe my memory has simplified that, maybe that's younger kids. As dd is now refusing all food except stale croissant (I'm guessing two emerging canines are to blame) I'll see how it goes.

PostPosted: 01 Oct 2007, 22:37
by babybanana
Ah! Canines... yep they're fun aren't they?!?! :?

Well BB turned her nose up at dinner tonight... lovely roasted chicken, potato, parsnip, carrot and red onion with broccoli and stuffing.

However the chilled melon chunks went down well... think her teeth hurt :(