Drinking the fingerbowl

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

When you're introducing your little darling to the idea of drinking from a proper grown-up glass, and she has a lovely time dabbling the water to the consistency of soup with her meal-smeared fingers, and then she lifts it to her mouth, do you...

let her drink... we're baby-led, right?
try faintly to discourage her - "No, darling, that's not nice!"
seize the glass with a shriek of disgust?
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Drinking the fingerbowl

Postby Eleanor » 31 Aug 2007, 17:09

A poll to see how skanky/laid-back we all are... :D
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Postby TinkerbellesMum » 31 Aug 2007, 17:12

It all goes down the same way and was all destined to go down. Mum is horrified that I don't clear away her meal before adding fruit on.
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Postby Eleanor » 31 Aug 2007, 17:18

I confess I went for the Blairite Middle Way... it did look revolting. Agree with you in principle though!
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Postby TinkerbellesMum » 31 Aug 2007, 17:35

I forgot to say I'm convinced our "Ewww yuck!" button doesn't come as standard, that it's something we learn. So I try not to teach it to Tink, she'll learn it for herself as she gets older and the impact will be lessened.
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Postby Aitch » 31 Aug 2007, 19:32

i think dd finds clear water boring by comparison.
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Postby VanillaPickle » 31 Aug 2007, 22:49

I agree with you TinkerbellesMum - I'm trying really hard not to make comments like "Ewww yuck" at all during mealtimes and I too add fruit to the plate/bowl that already has the main course in, the Pickle often eats the fruit and then goes back to the remainder of her main course. I figure that there is plenty of time to teach table etiquette and am relying on the 'desperate to be like Mummy & Daddy' thing kicking in at some stage.

I would just love her to get the whole drinking from a glass thing without watering the table, herself and everything around her..........
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Postby habbibu » 01 Sep 2007, 09:18

Voted (a) but remembered that if it's MY glass she's trying to stick her paws in, it's (c). (or a resigned (a), and I go off to get another glass). There is a line...
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Postby hunkermunker » 01 Sep 2007, 15:03

Oh, yes, definitely "fine if it's your own, but think again if you're wanting to go dabbling in my drink, boychild!" :wink:

DS2 usually just drinks stuff though - it's DS1 who's more likely to stir it with his fork (and then I do say no...he's 3.4 though and getting old enough to Know Better!)
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Postby *helen.a.* » 02 Sep 2007, 18:53

Think I have allowed that on a number of occasions :oops: doesnt bother me, does that make me laid back or just plain lazy?
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Postby YUMMYMUMMY » 02 Sep 2007, 19:10

i voted a if shes not bothered im not and besides both my daughters drink the bath water but i guess thats a whole different poll :D :wink:
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Postby Eleanor » 03 Sep 2007, 10:53

Well look at you all with your good attitudes! Is there a smiley for "clutching handbag while going Ooooh!"? :wink:

No you're right of course... I am quite happy for her to mix up all her food on one plate so it's only the same thing, isn't it... (blergh)
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Postby Tabitha » 03 Sep 2007, 21:00

It's pretty gross but I think you do get desensitized a bit after you have been blw for a while - I hardly blink now at wiggles eating yoghurt with tuna pasta that has suddenly become interesting again. Although, I still have to hold my breath when clearing it off the table... blee
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Postby TinkerbellesMum » 04 Sep 2007, 00:06

Tink and I went to dinner with her godfather this evening. She had pretty much given up on her chicken nuggets and chips, (she's hardly eaten today) so I broke up a choc chip brownie for her (anything! Please just eat something!) and put it on the same plate. Her godfather was shocked when she started eating a nugget at the same time and even more so when the chocolate from around her face ended up on the nugget!

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Postby rachelhill » 04 Sep 2007, 12:15

I'd like to see who got the bowl, the baby or the cat TBH. :D
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Postby Abi » 05 Sep 2007, 11:46

lulu uses her spoon and fork to 'drink' her water, she prefers it with peas floating in it ! and she is not a big eater, so i figure any way to get the odd extra calorie into her is fine :D

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