BIG appetite - are we having a growth spurt?

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BIG appetite - are we having a growth spurt?

Postby Puddleduck » 20 Jan 2008, 22:35

For the last few days Duckling (11 months) has eaten everything put in front of her, plus has pushed the BF up a gear. I've no idea where such a small person is putting it all! For example today she had:

Booby in bed
8.30am Breakfast: 10 raisin wheats, half a banana
10am Booby
11.30am Snack: About 10 raisins
12.15pm Booby (both sides)
1pm Lunch: quarter of avocado, 2 cherry tomatoes, half a pitta bread with cream cheese, 2 grapes, 2 slices of mango
4pm Snack: 1 plum and a small rice cake
5pm Booby
6pm (later than usual) smoked mackerel fishcake, 3 fingers of roast sweet potato, small handful of peas, stewed apple and greek yoghurt (about 2 tbsp)
8pm Booby (both sides) then bed

She ate everything, no messing around (and maybe could have eaten more!) - this is probably double what she was eating a week or two ago! So I'm thinking she is going through a growth spurt, or maybe it's because she has started walking (and stair climbing - eeek) and so is using more calories. Funnily enough I've heard that their consumption goes down at about a year, so that is what I was expecting.

So do I keep offering food until she stops eating/plays with it? Can they over-eat at this age?
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Postby ches » 20 Jan 2008, 23:00

Fair play duckling! I hope Johnny starts following in her footsteps when he's done teething.
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Postby Fozza » 20 Jan 2008, 23:27

Nice one duckling. I don't think that sounds excessive. Finn doesn't have snacks often but would consume this much when not teething. In my amateur baby psychology, it could be she is working out that food offered could actually replace milk she might not drop milk till she trusts the supply of food. Has she been ill or off food recently perhaps she is catching up? Or a growth spurt!

Whilst I don't think they can overeat. I personally wouldn't keep offering past what I think is reasonable at one sitting. Of course if s/he is hungry a little while later then more at snack time.
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