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Difficulty with vegetables

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2007, 19:36
by esper
So, OK, babyE is 15 months and generally eats anything.

But she's really not that keen on vegetables. She will eat them if they are hidden away in a meal but presented with a piece of carrot or broccoli or whatever, she will put it in her mouth, chew it up a bit then spit it out again.

I don't really want to end up going down the route of 'hiding' vegetables in sauces or whatever, that doesn't seem like the right approach to me. I'm not sure whether it's something I should be concerned about yet or not either. I keep offering her veggies and she does very occasionally eat them but only very occasionally.

Maybe there's a more exciting way of cooking them or something that I can try? She used to eat them if they were liberally coated in a cheese sauce, but even that doesn't work now, she just sucks off the sauce and spits out the veggies!

Any ideas?

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2007, 19:54
by VanillaPickle
The Pickle is just 16 months and whilst we don't have a problem with veggies mostly, we've always had a problem with broccoli. That is until recently when I discovered that if she has a 'dipping' sauce in a small bowl she will happily eat broccoli...........I've done it with cheese sauce, spinach sauce, a tomato sauce that I make that has butternut squash, carrots, celeary and peppers in. She seems to like the control of this.

Might be worth a try?

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2007, 20:56
by Aitch
the good thing about blw, i always think, is that you can give them what you have so it's not so traumatic if they don't like it. so if she doesn't like broccoli, don't worry about it, see if she likes it the next time you have it. no biggy.
personally i agree with you about the hiding of foods, especially at this age, but some babies seem to prefer their veggies roasted rather than steamed (and i can't say i blame them, really) so you could try that. this recipe ... 83942.html has never failed to make DD squeal with pleasure. and DH...

PostPosted: 10 Sep 2007, 19:43
by esper
Oooh ok, will try the idea of a dipping sauce.

I've tried roasted veg as well (although haven't done sweet potato wedges for a while) and she even turned her nose up at my most delicious pan-fried caramelised butternut squash.

About the only vegetable she eats reasonably regularly is sweetcorn - mostly because I mix it in with tuna which she loves.

I think I will have to sneak a few veggies in now and again (she will eat anything if it is contained within an omelette......) and just hope she comes round at some point.

PostPosted: 10 Sep 2007, 19:45
by VanillaPickle
Have you tried corn on the cob too? I've only given this a few times but the Pickle is absolutely enthralled by it, she loves it and munches away happily for a good 10-15 minutes - last night she even stole mine as well!

PostPosted: 12 Sep 2007, 18:59
by scaryt