Too much gagging and vomiting

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Too much gagging and vomiting

Postby Cosmo » 13 Feb 2018, 20:38

I have my second child now, 7 months old and started baby led weaning about 2 weeks ago as I she was not sitting up by herself yet until then. She is now without support. She is very interested in watching us eat, has the look on her face as is she wants to dig in herself :). I also have a 2.5 year toddler whom we did 100% baby led weaning with from 6 months and it was messy but brilliant. loved it, have advocated baby led weaning ever since and soooooo want to do it with baby number two. BUT little one litterally vomit gags every time I put something in front of her. Our son only gagged (no vomit at all) 2-3 times and that was it. Never was an issue for him. I have put soft carrot sticks like you explain ( squishable between fingers ), super soft cauliflower, cucumber sticks, avocado ( I know they are a bit slippery ), have tried a piece of toast finger (the hard crust end) and potato mash. Every time, she tries beautifully to grab it, is super excited and interested about the food, puts it right into her mouth, very little at a time, bits it, plays with it in her mouth, tries to chew and then every single time, multiple times through the meal session, she gags, vomits and then litterally from the bottom of her belly and throat, it all comes up again, full of vomit, foam etc.
I am not concerned at all about the amount she eats, I understand that it is more playing at the beginning and I breastfeed her, so although no food stays down, she has mummys milk :)
Shall I just continue to do the same each day, over and over and she will get better? Any advice on how I can more easly overcome the gagging/vomiting with her? Any food ideas that could work better? I am not keen on sweet items though or fruit as they will have enough sweet items in the future I am very keen to keep her on savoury items and not teach her the sweet flavour too soon. we did the same for our son.
One reader mentioned a high palate might influence the eating process. have you heard anything else about this and have any thoughts?
I do not want to give up but also do not want her to vomit all the time, poor thing. I always stay calm and smile at her while it happens as to not frighten her.
Thank you for your help and advice :) :)
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