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Help! Baby is a Squirrel- storing food

PostPosted: 21 Jan 2018, 02:38
by outlawRed
Baby is 8 months old. She really took to feeding herself (we've been BLW for a month). She stores food when she is done. She will keep food in her mouth for over 20 minutes after we take her out of the high chair. I know it is not good to put my finger in her mouth but I have to sweep the food out or she will hold onto it forever. Her palate is very high. So I was thinking some of the food could be stuck up there. However, I can see her moving some of the food around with her tongue and she holds onto that food too.

She eats a ton. . .we usually just stop the meal because we can't sit there any longer . . .she would just keep eating. Anyone have experience with a squirrel? Can they eat too much?