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Baby won't self feed

PostPosted: 14 Apr 2017, 20:31
by Babylove
Hi blweeners!

My DS (1st child) has just turned 8 months. I started weaning at 6 months but quickly had to combine purée & finger food for the simple reason that my baby will not put ANYTHING except his hand in his mouth... no toys, no food, nothing. He'll take food off his hand but it's a bit hit and miss as only puts hand in mouth occasionally. It took 6 weeks of persisting with the spoon before he would let me put this in his mouth. Each time I fed, I tried to feed him finger food too but he would not take it, just clamps shut and turns away as far as he can, then eventually cries. (I stop before he cries or gets irritable, it's only gone that far once).

His reach & grab is really great from my hand or the table. But he only plays with finger food, never does he put it near his mouth.

I am so desperate to blw but if I stopped spoon feeding he would just be on milk... I give finger food at every meal (either my food or some well steamed veg) but no joy so far. We feed 3 times a day. Not sure if it's relevant but when he does touch food he normally pulls a face that says 'ugh!'

We already do sensory touch everyday including touching cheeks, feet and hands with lots of different textures as the HV mentioned this.

Can anyone give constructive help? Or has anyone experienced similar?

Thank you for reading xx

Re: Baby won't self feed

PostPosted: 17 May 2017, 21:26
by Mosteth
Do you eat in front of him? My baby always wants what I have - might be worth trying?