question: too much food in her mouth & meat problem

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question: too much food in her mouth & meat problem

Postby jinhee » 29 Mar 2017, 05:10

Hello I'm a new in this practice. My daugher is 9months and we started when she turned 8th month.
She didn't have a big spoon fight but I realized she is more curious about food things and utensils more than eating so I started this.

So far, she is good at handling and eats more than I expected.
Yet I got to face some issues that I want to ask.

1. She sometimes put foods more than mouth-full so I had to stop her or take the rest of the foods aways until she gets some space for more foods.
It has happened for a couple of weeks.
The cases have been either that or she gets distracted by other things and run away from her seat.

2. meat!
I gave her chicken breast. I cut it across the grain but it was still hard for her to chew. I found the chewy parts left in her mouth after over 10 minutes and would still remain in 30 minuthes.
It concerned me with choking problem and also remaining food in mouth becomes habit.
I had to force to open her mouth take them away.
Please somebody give me some advices.

Thank you.
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