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Nervous starter

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2017, 19:12
by Natalie1985
Hi! After some advice! I have read the books and been prepping for when my little girl turns 6 months so I can start her on BLW. Before 6 months she had the odd teaspoon of veg purée of what I had been cooking for a taste but nothing major. Just before she turned 6 months we had a choking incident in her sleep with vomit /milk and we had to call an ambulance because she stopped breathing. It was terrifying. She is fine now thank goodness! It’s knocked my confidence and completely shaken what I had planned with feeding and now I just feel really frightened lost feeding her. feeling confident one morning, She had a banana with skin on like a lolly and a mango and she did well. she has a loaded spoon every morning with porridge on. This afternoon I tried sweet potato sticks and broccoli but every time she broke a piece off I am panicking and ashamed to say I hooked it out of her mouth(I know I shouldn’t do this at all) she goes to my nans in the day when I go for a quick run and she had spoon fed her a yoghurt, I noticed with the food today she was trying to suck or lick the sweet potato. Do you think this is because of the spoon feeding? Can they become confused? She only turned 6 months this week and is ready but I kinda know it’s me holding her back with the choking thing. I’m just worried about her braking a big piece off. I love the idea of baby led weaning but I am so frightened of her choking I know it's ridiculous! Baby has good motor skills and has gagged but seems to be moving food around quite nicely. Help please! :-) xxx

Re: Nervous starter

PostPosted: 05 Apr 2017, 00:33
by Lovingmomtoone
This is one of my biggest fears too. I always think is she going to puke up her milk? Glad your lo made it.

Re: Nervous starter

PostPosted: 16 Jun 2017, 07:57
by Animalhgf
Where can I find more information on this channel

Re: Nervous starter

PostPosted: 25 Jul 2017, 14:26
by MayFlower
Hey, no advice, just a hello from another nervous starter. That choking incident sounded really scary! Good luck with it all.

M x