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6-Month Old New to BLW

PostPosted: 03 Mar 2017, 15:17
by CBaer

My baby is 6-months old. We've been giving her pureed foods since about 4.5 months. she LOVES to eat. She watches my husband and I eat and opens her mouth as we put food in our mouths. I've been wanting to start BLW now that she's almost 6 months (in 2 days). What are some good things to start with? We've only done banana so far and she likes taking bites of it but the chunks mostly fall out of her mouth. I think she then starts to get frustrated because she is hungry. Are there any limits to what we can give her at this point (besides the obvious: honey, cows milk, peanut butter). Can she have yogurt? What about grains? What grains are good? I'm new to this so I just want as much advice as I can get before I really dive in to BLW. Thank you!!