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7 month old - any tips?

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2017, 00:22
by Bgwhite5
My DD turned 7 months old on the 30th, she is breastfed and no matter how hard I try she refuses to eat off a spoon! (She also refuses to take a bottle - but that's a topic for another day) It's become miserable trying to feed her, I have to trick her to get anything at all into her mouth!
Therefore I've come here for advice, I've decided to give BLW a try. I'm just confused with what to give her and how to give it to her! So far the most I've gathered is basically give her whatever we are having for supper, just leave out any salt. But she still doesn't have much of a pincher grasp, so any smaller chunks of food I may give her gets lost in her fist!!

Any advice, tips or food ideas would be greatly appreciated.

TIA from a frustrated FTM!