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Help - baby goes bright red and vomits

PostPosted: 01 Dec 2016, 23:14
by Topfivemum
Hi everyone

I started BLW with my second baby about a month ago when he was 6 months but I'm still freaked out by it and not sure if I need to worry or not.

On most occasions he gags to the point where his eyes bulge, he goes bright red and often vomits up some milk. Because it's also quite silent I am so worried he's going to choke and don't know how long to wait before stepping in if it really is choking. I don't know if this is just his was of gagging - because ultimately he hasn't choked! - it's just pretty scary each time.

To top it off, I have a 24 month old daughter who is a very picky eater and she gets freaked out when she sees him vomit. I always stay calm and tell her it's ok, he's just learning, but underneath I'm worried too. Also I don't want my daughter's reaction to affect his overall experience of food.

Anybody able to reassure me on the gagging vs vomiting thing?

Anybody also doing BLW alongside a freaked out toddler?

Thanks so much!

Re: Help - baby goes bright red and vomits

PostPosted: 03 Dec 2016, 07:56
by Treeb
That does sound scary for both you and your daughter! Have you taken an infant first aid course? If not it might ease your mind a little to take one now, so you can be sure you know what to do if he were to actually choke.

It's normal for all babies to gag a little at first, and some unfortunately do have a much stronger gag reflex, but he will grow out of it over time! In theory a very strong gag reflex actually means he's less likely to choke, since he will get the food out long before it has a chance to get stuck.

How does your son seem to feel about this? Does he seem upset or bothered by the gagging/vomiting? Does he look like he is in discomfort afterwards, or go straight back to eating? Also, is he getting with every for he tries, or do particular foods seem to trigger it more?

If you find certain foods to be more gaggy I'd stay away from those for now and stick with foods he has an easier time with. It's also totally OK to step back and take a break at this early stage! You might find that taking a week of from solid foods helps you and your daughter regain your peace of mind a little, and it will give your son a chance to make a bit more and come a little closer to growing out of the gagging. He's small enough that he's still getting all the nutrition he needs from his milk.

Good luck!