Is 1yr too late?!!!

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Is 1yr too late?!!!

Postby MammyNov2711 » 27 Nov 2016, 20:04


My boy is 1yr exactly. We were doing great with traditional weaning, after a bumpy start, then after a few bad weeks - he was very sick, then teething badly, then a cold - his eating has gone out the window. He's barely eaten a solid all week and I'm desperate!! Even going to doctor this week for a chat about it. Anyway he loves feeding himself, the only things I could get in to him this week were things he fed himself and I'm wondering have I missed the boat on following baby led weaning???!!! Any advice or thoughts would be really, really appreciated as I'm at my wits end now!

Thank you!
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Re: Is 1yr too late?!!!

Postby Treeb » 03 Dec 2016, 08:02

The guidelines in most countries recommend switching to self-feeding by a year anyway, so definitely not too late to start offering foods he can feed himself! It's totally normal for them to go off their food if they're teething it sick, regardless of feeding style.

I would start offering nutritious foods he can eat himself (almost anything at this point!) and then if he still seems hungry at the end of a meal maybe top it off with feeding him a little, if that is what he seems to want/need.
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