Helping Baby eat

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Helping Baby eat

Postby Nati » 29 Sep 2016, 03:30

Okay, so I know we are not supposed to help. but our Baby is 7 months old now and still have big problems with grabbing food. I let her try and practice for some time but she has this frantic look like a hungry lion trying to grab prey so sometime I would take e.g. A vegetable and hold it and she would bite into it. Is that okay or could it make it more difficult for her in the future? Cause I noticed she's got lazy and she knows I will do that for her.

Also, when you put food on spoons and let them eat whats on them, do you put the spoon on tray or hand it to the baby? Again, is it okay to give food to babies or do they have to take it from the tray by themselves?

Thanks for all help, we do our best and our high chair ALWAYS ends up on the terrace sprayed with a hose lol
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Re: Helping Baby eat

Postby Kitcameron » 29 Sep 2016, 16:09

It's perfectly alright to give food to your baby by handing it to them or giving them a loaded spoon, the only thing to avoid is physically putting it into their mouth for them as this could lead to choking. As long as they are making the decision to bite it, either by leaning in when you hold it up, or guiding your hand/spoon with food to their mouth that's ok. As for whether it makes them lazy or not that's probably more a personality trait and your decision as to whether you want to carry on with it or not, all children are different so it will encourage some to want to try harder to eat faster and others will just wait to be fed. Lots of children go through stages where they want feeding and stages where they don't too. My 2 year old still likes help scraping the bowl or feeding outright at times and not because she was fed by us when we first started weaning, just because she gets tired (and possibly lazy at times).

Hope this helps.
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