Differing BLW 'Rules' in Different Countries

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Differing BLW 'Rules' in Different Countries

Postby MonsterMunching » 27 Sep 2016, 18:36

Hi again,

I'm in Spain with a 5.5month old. Just starting think about BLW and my paedriatic nurse is against so refuses to offer any advice :? so I"m kind of on my own with this, apart from groups like this lovely one.

I"ve found a Spanish BLW Facebook group but from what I've seen today, they consistently advise offering only 1 new food at a time, and waiting three days between each new food...even down to red peppers and green peppers, red apples and green apples...certain foods must still only be given after a certain age, i.e. Spinach after 12 months due to high levels of nitrates, fish after 10 months...strawberries, kiwis, tropical fruit after a year...

from Gill Rapley's book, and on here, pretty much anything goes from 6 months on, including allergenic foods, apart from whole nuts, certain fish, honey and plain cow's milk. Have I understood that correctly? I understand the need for caution with allergenic foods, but are they perhaps being overly cautious, and perhaps missing part of the point of BLW? It seems to take away the ease of just giving baby whatever we are eating.

One thing in particular that stood out for me was prawns. I've researched them and it seems to be that prawns are OK from 6 months. In the Spanish site, they say they must be cooked without the heads...

I'm not really sure what I'm asking, more just interested in other people's opinions on these things.

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Re: Differing BLW 'Rules' in Different Countries

Postby Marrow » 27 Sep 2016, 20:22

Hello and welcome!

You've pretty much got the gist of BLW in the UK. It's pretty mainstream now, and (as long as you don't have a family history of allergy) pretty much anything goes. I've never heard any particular caution with prawns, but some of these things do have sensible regional variations - the toxins in whatever prawns are on sale in Spain could conceivably be different to the UK - so I wouldn't want to dismiss it without knowing why.

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Re: Differing BLW 'Rules' in Different Countries

Postby MonsterMunching » 28 Sep 2016, 07:07


Yes, that's pretty much what I was planning on doing! I think there will be quite a lot of 'yes, he's eating', with no further details. I"ve clashed with her on a couple of other things too...might be a good job I'm moving towns soon!

Thank you!
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