Help and advice needed - 20 wk old baby

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Help and advice needed - 20 wk old baby

Postby Elocing » 17 Jul 2016, 10:49

Hi All,
I have only just found this forum and am hoping it will be a life saver for me. I was desperate to wait until my lg was 6 months before weaning and wanting to purely follow blw, however, she started wanting food early. She'd been watching me war for weeks, then on Monday at 19+4 she opened her mouth for my sandwich. This was after having 7 feeds a night. She was def ready for food. I gave her some baby rice and was told to expect her to have a tea spoon of it and I ended up making 5 batches up. She was loving it. The thing is, I'm not very good at this pureeing thing. I tried to do a carrot in the nutribullet but it was lumpy and she refused it but she wolfed down the porridges I gave her.
I am making meatballs later from the blw cook book and I'm wondering if I can purée them and if so how. I also want to know is if purees are the best thing or can I start her with her own real food? She's 20+3 today. I don't want up cause her harm but also don't think 6 weeks on porridge is the best thing.
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Help and advice needed - 20 wk old baby

Postby Treeb » 18 Jul 2016, 02:42

I know it's not helpful to say this, but personally, pureed meatballs sounds disgusting. A big part of BLW is giving our kids real food from the beginning so they get the full experience - including the textures and different forms of different foods.

How many months does 20 weeks correspond to? I think the earliest I've heard anyone starting is 4 1/2 months. You really need to just base it on your individual baby and their level of readiness.

It sounds like you've read the blw cookbook, so I assume you have the basic idea of blw. Is she showing other signs of readiness besides interest in food? The most important is the ability to sit fairly steadily. It's ok if she still needs a little support from the highchair or someone's lap, but she should be sitting fully upright to eat and have the ability to learn forward in the case that she needs to spit something out.

If she is sitting fairly well I'd say go ahead and try her with some oven roasted vegetable spears and see what she does. You're right that baby rice/porridge/etc. aren't that nutritious. She's still getting all the nutrition she really needs from her milk, though some babies do transition to food faster than others.

Sorry if this reply isn't very coherent - it's past my bedtime!
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Re: Help and advice needed - 20 wk old baby

Postby ches » 18 Jul 2016, 04:55

You don't have to puree just because your baby isn't quite 6 mo yet! If your baby is really fast on whatever development is needed for eating food (head control, gag reflex, etc.) then follow the same BLW guidelines. Porridge is perfect. Nobody's going to choke on a piece of well-cooked oats! But, that being said, 7 feeds a night at 4mo is a growth spurt. It's there to boost your supply and fuel your baby with more milk. Food is not completely digested at first, it just goes in and comes out looking much the same. It's empty calories at first. Milk, milk, milk, and hang in there through the growth spurts. There's another one at 6mo.
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Re: Help and advice needed - 20 wk old baby

Postby StJuniper » 18 Jul 2016, 06:07

As ches said, suddenly needing more night feeds is a growth spurt, and for a growth spurt, milk is the best food-- balanced and calorie dense in a way no puréed carrot can match! So that in itself isn't a sign of readiness. Physical markers like loss of tongue thrust reflex, ability to lean forward, and hand coordination to bring food to mouth are more important. Nothing wrong with starting before 6mo; research suggests that 4-6 months is a good time to introduce solids as they are more open to new flavours and less likely to develop allergies. But for BLW, most babies need to be on the older end of that age range to be physically ready.
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