Baby ignoring food on tray

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Baby ignoring food on tray

Postby Sweetpotato33 » 16 Jun 2016, 22:06

My little girl who is 7 months but was 5 weeks premature started weaning about three weeks ago. She tends to ignore what I put on her tray and I've resorted to waving the piece of food in front of her which she then grabs and puts into her mouth most of the time. Sometimes she won't even do that. I've tried to lead her gaze to the tray which is a bit hit and miss and even when she does look she doesn't always the take the food. I only put a few bits of food on the tray. If she has her hand on the food I've seen her take it to her mouth but I don't think she even realises that she was touching it. Too often she just looks at us eating instead. Has this happened to anyone before?
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Re: Baby ignoring food on tray

Postby mamapup » 17 Jun 2016, 09:04

It can take a while for little ones to start eating. But try not to worry too much. Really, at this stage it's all about exploring and playing. She doesn't yet know that food is for eating and filling her up. She's only had milk to do that for her for most of her life.

Make it a game, let her watch you, make exaggerated chewing movements and let her discover eating for herself. I actually found a mirror helped once my son got a bit further down the road. He loved watching himself eat.

Good luck and do come and ask anything you want to ask.
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