8 month old not eating much

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8 month old not eating much

Postby blessthismess » 01 Jun 2016, 04:59

We've been doing baby led weaning from 6 months and my daughter is really enjoying it, mealtimes are fun and she likes playing with new food. Here's the thing though, she still doesn't really eat much of it at all....Yes, some is definitely going in, but really not much out of the three meals a day offered.

She is still breastfeeding 7-8 times per day, mainly for comfort (she likes to nap whilst feeding), and a few people have suggested to me that I am overfeeding milk. They suggest she should be having 3 full meals of puree per day and I should be cutting milk feeds down to 3 per day by this age....baby led weaning is not common here so it's a bit of a clash of cultures! Their babies do eat significantly more solids though...

I'll admit that I do tend to breastfeed whenever she is upset, as the go to comforter and am starting to worry that maybe I am putting her off her solids by filling her up too much with milk. She's a lovely happy baby though and whenever I try to feed less she has trouble napping and so we have a grumpy baby. I guess I'm asking whether this is actually an issue (as if so I guess I need to break the nap/feed association through sleep training or something in order to progress with weaning) or whether this is all just an age thing and things will improve on their own...? Am hoping the latter... ☺
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Re: 8 month old not eating much

Postby Marrow » 01 Jun 2016, 05:28

This is baby led weaning! She is leading. It's fine.

If you want to break the feed/sleep association, then by all means do - but you don't need to if you don't want to. At that age, I fed DD to sleep, but DH and nursery had their own ways of doing it. And it's certainly not needed for weaning.

Good luck!
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Re: 8 month old not eating much

Postby ches » 01 Jun 2016, 05:33

No such thing as overfeeding milk! She's still tiny, and her body is telling her exactly how to get what she needs to grow, grow, grow. My DS2 (now 9yo) didn't eat food every day until he was about 2yo. You've got a long way to go before worrying!
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Re: 8 month old not eating much

Postby Treeb » 01 Jun 2016, 11:25

My daughter will be one in a week and still nurses to sleep for naps and bedtime. If it works for you and your daughter that is all that matters - it's no one else's business what you do! (But it is hard sometimes when you feel like everyone is criticizing you or just doing things differently.)

I stopped nursing my son to sleep at mine months old but he still nursed frequently (10+ times a day!) throughout the rest of the day and in there night for a loooong time after that. He didn't start eating significant amounts until he was 14 months, and not full meals until around 18 months.

They are all different and you know your daughter and her needs better than anyone else.
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Re: 8 month old not eating much

Postby blessthismess » 01 Jun 2016, 17:34

Thank you all so much, I feel completely reassured now! We are really enjoying the baby led weaning process but I was beginning to feel under a bit of pressure from (well meaning) family telling me how much food baby should be eating by now....and feeling disheartened each time she had just a little nibble.

She is such a happy baby so I really do want to let her carry on taking the lead, it's hard not to worry sometimes, so will try to relax (though this morning couldn't hide my happiness when she ate a whole slice of peach. I checked the floor again and again, but nope, for the first time it wasn't there!) :)
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Re: 8 month old not eating much

Postby Kanga » 02 Jun 2016, 08:28

Sounds like you're doing great. Glad she enjoyed the peach too! All 3 of mine were nearer a year before they started eating significant amounts and dropping breast feeds. I also was one to breastfeed at every grumble/upset/tiredness etc as it was the quickest & easiest way to calm them down & they all figured it out eventually :)
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