Explaining BLW TO sceptical in laws

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Explaining BLW TO sceptical in laws

Postby rem2012 » 16 May 2016, 09:34

We've just started BLW with DD2,. I think so far we are doing ok , food generallygets to the mouth with minimal swallowing. After an impressive gag followed by milky vomit on day 1 (touch wood) not had any more vomits!

In a couple of weeks we are going to stay with my mother in law, she was really sceptical with DD1 and the whole BLW thing, even though I tried to explain it to her last time she's still not convinced. On the phone I tell how well we are doing and she just says things like so you are not going to feed her on a spoon like other mums etc..... I think it doesn't help that in her culture it is not uncommon for children to be hand fed even when they are older. Also DD1 was quite slow to "get" the whole eating thing so I was made to feel I was not feeding her granddaughter when I refused to spoon feed her.

My patience has reduced somewhat especially with sleep deprivation, so I wondered how others explained BLW to the sceptics without it becoming awkward/ an argument.
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Re: Explaining BLW TO sceptical in laws

Postby emzit » 16 May 2016, 09:46

Have you got a copy of the book? It explains it so nicely, you could just give her that to read. i talked about the development side of things, that it's not just about food but also motor skills, hand eye coordination and helps gauge their own hunger by wing in control. Ultimately though, the best argument will be sitting down with your dd to eat and thenm being able to see her using her skills and having fun. My mum was a total sceptic, thought we were insane (although I didn't realise the extent till much later) but once she saw Muncher eating she turned totally pro and now tries to convert strangers in the supermarket to blw. She loves it.

If she's concerned about spoons maybe you could do some mash or porridge on loaded spoons for your dd?
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Re: Explaining BLW TO sceptical in laws

Postby rem2012 » 16 May 2016, 10:05

Thanks for your reply. Yes I do have a copy of the book somewhere I will dig it out and take it with us. Good suggestion re talking about the development side of things, I sometimes find when put on the spot my mind goes blank and so it's good to be prepared.
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Re: Explaining BLW TO sceptical in laws

Postby sabrina fair » 19 May 2016, 08:17

You might also want to refer to the fact that there's an obesity crisis in the world that didn't exist when our parents were bringing up their kids. Food, especially convenience food, is far more plentiful and the opportunities to be active are not as built into our lives. We need, therefore, to teach our kids to be in tune with their bodies so they learn to stop when they're full and are exposed to all kinds of healthy food from the beginning (note I don't say 'eat healthy food' because my kids are the pickiest ever!). Depending on what kind of person she is, age might accept that argument because it gives a basis for us being different from our parents without necessarily criticising them, if you know what I mean!
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