Water from a cup

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Water from a cup

Postby wyrdsister » 14 May 2016, 09:25

Hi all, first proper post here and looking for some advice.

Pusha my eldest took to baby led weaning really well, sitting up great at 5 months, really coordinated at getting food to her mouth at 6 months, she would also hold a tommee tippee cup by both handles and take sips of water from the spout at 6 months, no trouble at all.

Little man (now 8 months) is still very much a work in progress, I didn't properly start weaning him until 7 months as he just wasn't ready until then.

So the cup issue, I'm trying to offer him water with his meals, again in a tommee tippee sippy cup (no valve) He tries to pick it up but ends up flinging it around a bit, water going everywhere, and if he does get it to his mouth he just sort of chews the spout and gets incredibly frustrated and screams at it. I should probably add that he has been exclusively breasted up until this point and hasn't had a bottle. It seems as though he knows he should be doing something with the cup he just doesn't know what :?

I'm wondering if I should just keep persevering with giving him the cup to use himself, and putting up with ear piercing screams, or offer him some water from an open cup being held by me (he has had a bit of water this way) He still has good breastfeeds throughout the day so I'm not too stressed out about him getting fluids, I'm still a bit clueless as to whether water with meals is essential at this stage or if it's just to get them used to drinking out of a cup :?

Any advice appreciated :) thanks!
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Re: Water from a cup

Postby StJuniper » 14 May 2016, 11:41

The only thing I really felt water was necessary for at this stage was to clear their mouth of bits after a meal. An open cup sounds like it would be easier for him-- have you considered a shot glass?
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Re: Water from a cup

Postby Marrow » 14 May 2016, 12:22

My DD was pretty rubbish with cups of any description too. She got there in the end. I took the view that if she was thirsty she would BF - by the time I was back at work she'd got it.

If the weather warms up and you do start to get a bit concerned, we found that ice cubes or ice lollies made with plain water were good.
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Re: Water from a cup

Postby Treeb » 14 May 2016, 13:35

My son had trouble understanding the need to tip up a cup for a long time too. We tried him on a straw cup and he figured that out much more quickly, I think because sucking on a straw was a little more similar to nursing and you don't need to tip the cup. We also did help both of ours use/tip a cup (both open and sippy) until they figured it out.

As the others said, los don't really need water at first if they are nursing plenty, but it does help rinse their mouth and as the weather starts getting hotter he may need more. Some los also get constipated when starting foods, and having water with meals helps prevent this..
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Re: Water from a cup

Postby Lily » 14 May 2016, 15:09

I used open cups with both of mine, and held them until they were old enough to manage unaided. It can be a bit of a pain but the action of drinking from an open cup is very similar to nursing so it is easier for them. If you can get hold of a Doidy cup it won't be long till he's able to do it himself; my youngest can manage now, though she still has trouble putting it down when she's had enough.
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Re: Water from a cup

Postby wyrdsister » 14 May 2016, 19:03

Thanks for all the replies everyone :D

I think I'll just offer him the open cup, I do actually have a doidy so I can try that or the shot glass, just to let him rinse his mouth or have a sip since the weather is getting warmer now.

Since my eldest "got" everything really easily I had no bother with her really, it's so totally different with him I feel like I'm starting from scratch :)

Thanks again
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