Confused! is LO constipated, or having diahhrea?

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Confused! is LO constipated, or having diahhrea?

Postby bikesbite » 04 Feb 2016, 04:19

Hi there, my 6.5 month old just started solids two weeks ago. We do mainly baby led weaning and only spoon feed when we're eating out. Here's some foods he's tried:
- broccoli
- apples
- pears
- avocado (raw)
- banana (raw)
- carrots
- butternut squash
- sweet potato

I've found that he usually poo's two or three times a day since starting solids (when exclusively breastmilk only, once / day). However, today he's poo'd FOUR times already. And for the rest of the day, he's been making the poo sounds and grunting when I put him over the potty. He's made the grunting sounds a few times now, but no poo.

What should I do? Because he's grunting but can't pass poo through, I was thinking he's constipated. However, earlier in the day he's already poo'd 4 times so I'm not sure what to do.

Also how much is too much food? e.g. for morning he had 2-3 slices of pears/apples, a broccoli, 1 skinny carrot, and a bit of sweet potato...maybe that's too much?

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Re: Confused! is LO constipated, or having diahhrea?

Postby Lily » 04 Feb 2016, 13:49

Don't worry, it's normal for their little guts to take a while to get used to solid food. That's definitely not diarrhoea but it sounds like he may be a bit constipated. Apples and bananas in particular can have that effect - maybe mix it up with some berries, dried fruit or orange to counteract them! Make sure he's still getting plenty of milk, offer water with food, and he'll likely grow out of it very soon.
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