Ripping food

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Ripping food

Postby Dans » 06 Jan 2016, 21:13

Hi all,

My LG is 6 and a half months. We've been BLW since 5 and half ish (she was so ready the food was in the mouth and swallowed the first meal).

She's been doing fine, tried her on lots of wedges of fruit and veg, meat, scrambled eggs and some bread. Nothing she hasn't taken to immediately. She had a bit of constipation to start but prunes and water seem to have helped.
Last night I put some baked sweet potato and steamed brocolli in front of her which she normally likes. She was ok with it to start but then started holding it in one hand then using the other hand to rip chunks off. She continued to do this until it was all in pieces then smooshed them against the table. A couple of times she lifted it to her mouth but then went back to ripping and smooshing.

Have we regressed? Is she bored of those foods and in need of some new stuff. She had bread crust earlier that day and whilst she did pass it from hand to hand a lot she did eat the vast majority.

Is she just learning a new skill or have I done something wrong?

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Re: Ripping food

Postby Lily » 06 Jan 2016, 21:29

She's still teeny, she doesn't need to eat at all, and most of her nutrition should be coming from milk for a while yet. So first and foremost, don't worry if she goes through phases of eating less.

She might be enjoying a new skill or sensation of pulling the food apart - if so, that's great, BLW is all about offering opportunities for sensory learning. Or she might be teething, have a touch of tummy ache, or just not feel like eating for some other reason. Either way, chances are it'll pass soon.
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Re: Ripping food

Postby DandelionFrosting » 07 Jan 2016, 02:12

Yes, what Lily said! It sounds like she's developed a wonderful new fine motor skill there, and is getting an excellent opportunity to practice. Imagine if you hadn't been doing BLW -- what would she have had to practice on then?
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Re: Ripping food

Postby Dans » 07 Jan 2016, 20:20

Thanks guys,

Think she may have been bored of the food. Took the plunge today and gave her what we were eating, chicken in a creamy cheesy garlic sauce with pasta and spinach. She loved it and no tearing this time.

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