Any tips BLW when abroad, how to avoid salt?

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Any tips BLW when abroad, how to avoid salt?

Postby burnettnic » 06 Jan 2016, 12:22

Hi All, My little girl is nearly 9 months now and BLW is going well, most days anyway. We are going to Tenerife in February and would really love some tips on what to give her. Breakfast will be easy as we have SC apartment so will just do what we do at home but for lunch and dinner we will be eating out now I know its a case she can just have a bit of what we are eating but as I have found out in the last 3 months everything has added salt, things you wouldn't even believe and I am so worried about giving her too much. If we are eating in restaurant's then I am sure everything like spag bol, burgers, soup, even garlic bread will have salted butter I am sure so don't know how I can avoid it. I thought I could probably make a sandwich in the apartment and take it with us for lunch time so that would be some days but dinner I worry about. I am sure some of you ladies have been through this so any tips would be good! Thanks x
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Re: Any tips BLW when abroad, how to avoid salt?

Postby junglewonderland » 06 Jan 2016, 13:23

Sounds like a lovely trip!

Fruit is usually easy to get hold of. And if you talked to the chef I'm sure you could get some steamed veges without sauce or seasoning. And a bit of steak or chicken would be ok too. If you are really stuck, you could resort to a few pouches. They were a life saver for us as Koala had allergies and we would often find there was nothing he could eat when we were out. We could keep a pouch in his bag and it would keep until we needed it. I can't remember what age but he could eventually suck it out himself so it was still baby-led!
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Re: Any tips BLW when abroad, how to avoid salt?

Postby Marrow » 06 Jan 2016, 13:26

Also, a week or so of higher salt isn't going to do any harm. Balance it with really low salt before you go and/or when you come back - avoid cheese, bread etc.
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