New to BLW and NERVOUS!!! :(

Oh my God, look! Your baby is eating broccoli!
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New to BLW and NERVOUS!!! :(

Postby NewMommy2015 » 05 Jan 2016, 17:29

My daughter has always had an interest in our food and now its time to start letting her eat and she is excited. This morning I gave her avocado and watermelon for breakfast and that was great. She really enjoyed it and I enjoyed seeing her so happy. But, what really concerns me is giving her the meat. Do I give her large chunks or minced meat?

I'm open to any advice you ladies are willing to give me! :bsmile

Also, I know most babies gag when it comes to eating too fast or new textures but do any of you have husbands or family members that see them gag and yell "they're choking!" it's absolutely driving me up the wall. :scream
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Re: New to BLW and NERVOUS!!! :(

Postby Kanga » 05 Jan 2016, 18:47

Meat in any form is fine although some are easier to handle than others! If you want to do mince, meatballs is a good way to make it manageable. Otherwise just strips of meat that she can chew & suck the juices out of. One of my ds2's first meals was roast lamb & he loved the meat! Lots of people offer chicken from the leg rather than breast as it's less dry & easier to eat, but breast is fine if it's what you're having.

My dh didn't shout 'he's choking' but I could see him getting more & more stressed as gagging occurred, but after a while he realised I was pretty relaxed & the baby managed what was happening so he relaxed a bit too!
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Re: New to BLW and NERVOUS!!! :(

Postby NewMommy2015 » 09 Jan 2016, 02:45

Just though I'd say I decided to cut her meats up into little bites. She seems to be doing great with that and I figure as time goes on and she gets use to chewing and over this new tooth coming in we will increase her bite size. Thank you for the encouraging words!
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Re: New to BLW and NERVOUS!!! :(

Postby Treeb » 09 Jan 2016, 03:03

Glad you found a way to serve it that works for you and your baby.

My son pretty much ignored meats when he was tiny. Once he developed his pincer grasp he started eating it if it was cut up in small bites, and he preferred it cut up until he was well over a year old. My daughter is almost seven months and she's been absolutely loving least served in strips. She has no teeth yet, but it's amazing how well they can bite and chew with just their gums!

Every baby is different in what they like, and there's really no right and wrong way to serve foods.
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