My third would think I had it figured out!

Oh my God, look! Your baby is eating broccoli!
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My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby LilyRose » 02 Dec 2015, 19:05


I did BLW with my twins kind of by accident - started off with purée and finger food at the same time and they flat rejected the purée....muddled on for a fortnight or so then discovered BLW and never looked back! I now have a new little one and was all excited about it this time as I remembered it as being so easy. And it pretty much is but I have a couple of questions.

Firstly....he can eat anything, right? The twins have taken to the new game of "feed the baby" and so far he has had fruit and veg...and some Brie and some croissant. Is this ok? I have read today (a bit late) about introducing one food at a time for 4 days but I'm sure I didn't do that with the twins. I know about salt and sugar and he has only had cheese once. But otherwise he can just eat what we are having, can't he? Dairy and meat and so on just as they come up in our meals?

Secondly....I gave him some pear slices and he loved them....but it was a real gag fest as he bit pieces off, pushed them to the back of his mouth and then gagged them out. Is it a bit too early for this? He doesn't have any teeth but it was a lovely ripe pear.

Finally....I know I shouldn't put food in his mouth but if I hold a slippery thing (banana) and he grabs my hand and puts the banana in his mouth is that ok? And if I put things into his hands? He can get it from hand to mouth but is getting a it frustrated as some things cling to the highchair tray!

Thanks! I had forgotten the mess....but it is lovely, isn't it? All of us are having such a nice time!!
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby haniyah » 02 Dec 2015, 19:15

It all sounds fine. The only thing you need to remember is to avoid high salt content in foods and don't add any salt. Also don't worry about 4 day rule, this is not important unless you have some serious allergies in the family. In terms of helping him with the food, just make sure that he is in control and don't put food in his mouth, let him do it on his own, giving to hand is fine. Try cutting banana skin off on both ends, but leave some skin in the middle to help with holding (does this make sense?).
Good luck!
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby LilyRose » 02 Dec 2015, 21:38

I think I see what you mean about the banana! I'll try it tomorrow.

WRT the gagging - I don't really remember the twins doing it so much (although maybe I was asleep with my head on the table!). Are some babies gaggier than others? Is it ok to still give him things he can bite off? He is teething at the moment too so is particularly enjoying the biting! Would it be better to give him the whole thing to gnaw on?

Thanks so much for the advice and support!!
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby yorkshirepudding » 02 Dec 2015, 21:56

Sounds fun! With gagging, I think it's fine as long as he's coping, it's what he needs to do. Some babies seem to take longer to lose a strong gag reflex, it doesn't matter that he doesn't have teeth, he can gum things once he's worked it out. My first didn't like the skin on pears, you could try a slice with no skin, although then it's harder to pick up! Lovely that your older ones are enjoying it too, my son is worried his sister is eyeing up his dinner all the time, even if he's not eating it!
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby mindy » 02 Dec 2015, 23:01

Go with your instincts- if it's fairly healthy and not an obvious choking risk, go for it!

Having said that, we are just starting BLW with our third, and I'm feeling really anxious about it! So far he's tried spinach leaves, a slice of apple, steamed carrot, wholemeal toast, pasta and some raisin toast, which he loved! The gagging seems worse than I remember with Min, but maybe I just can't remember.......

Good luck - and you are right, it's messy but amazing!
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby LilyRose » 05 Dec 2015, 22:31

Sorry to bug on about this....but today at lunchtime the baby are some of my pasta. It was penne in tomato sauce and it was slippery. We were at a friend's house and he was sitting on my knee (her baby was in the high chair) so I held a pice in my fingers in front of him. He grabbed my hand, pulled it to his mouth to gum on the pasta and every so often I replaced it with a fresh bit when it got down to my fingers. I put a photo on Facebook and a friend has commented saying that he isn't doing proper BLW because I am putting the food in his mouth. But u don't see how it's different from say a loaded spoon - he pulled it to his mouth and put it in, he just used my hand as a handle. I'm sorry, I know I'm a bit neurotic but I am very keen to do this right.....but at a friends house with a beige carpet and no high chair we didn't have much option (and we both enjoyed it....)
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby mamapup » 05 Dec 2015, 22:34

Your friend is mean. You do want works for you and your child. My second preferred to use my hand for a month or so. It's baby led as long as you're not shoving it in his mouth.
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby StJuniper » 06 Dec 2015, 00:34

It's not real BLW unless you ruin your friend's carpet, then? ;)
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby LilyRose » 06 Dec 2015, 02:19

Thank you! I feel much better! It would have been the absolute end of that carpet if I had let him loose with the pasta! She doesn't mean to be mean I don't think, she just always knows what is right for everyone better than they do...but it is unnecessary to do that on someone's cute baby picture on Facebook!

I'll ignore her and carry on. Thank you!!
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby kparker » 07 Dec 2015, 14:48

I know how you feel! I'm on baby #2 and I feel oddly insecure and nervous about this feeding thing, even though BLW worked great for us too. We also stumbled upon it the first time because my son hated purees. Honestly, I've tried purees again this time but baby girl really isn't into it. So, I guess we're back to BLW after all.

As far as gagging, maybe you started BLW a bit later with the twins and they had developed their gag reflexes a bit more? Honestly, its this gaggy stage that freaks me out most. I know it's not choking, but it scares me and is so messy. But they grow out of it.

Don't worry about sticking to all the BLW rules. Do what works for you.
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Re: My third would think I had it figured out!

Postby LilyRose » 07 Dec 2015, 17:09

Thanks, it's so nice to hear from someone in the same boat! Yes, I think you are probably right - although I gave the twins fiver food from day 1 they probably didn't eat it as they were full of baby rice so by the time they did proper BLW they were probably about a month older. This dude is doing so well but he does ram it in with both hands a bit - maybe it's just his style!

It is so messy. I had forgotten about how much food you find inside the clothes! And the broccoli in the vomit!!
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